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73:1  O you Al-Muzzammil [a person who devotes himself (to the Scripture) in missionary spirit, and is a trainee student]
73:2  Keep standing (in Prayer) through the night except a small portion (which you may utilize for rest and sleep)
73:3  (i.e., you stand during the later) half of it or delete from it a little (and add it to your rest and sleep portion)
73:4  or increase (a little) over it (for adding it to the portion passed in Prayer), and reveal (recite and reproduce) Al-Quran in portions, slowly and distinctly, in a voice neither loud nor inaudible, with due regard to the arrangement and order (of its Text)
73:5  Verily We, soon We will transfer unto you (into your heart) a weighty statement
73:6  Without doubt, the rising up during the night (from sleep): this (is) more potent an exercise (for training the Nafs or Ruh) and more retaining for the statement (or Message recited from the Scripture)
73:7  truly for you, during the day-time is prolonged (or never-ending) chain of engagements
73:8  And propogate the Name of your Nourisher-Sustainer and devote to Him in full devotion
73:9  Nourisher-Sustainer for the east and the west; La-ilaha-illa-Huwa. So take Him (alone) as Wakil
73:10  And show patience on what people comment and keep away from them in a decent parting
73:11  And leave Me and the deniers who possess luxuries, and grant them respite for a while (i.e., till death approaches them and then they await the Accountability)
73:12  Surely, with Us are fetters, and a raging Fire
73:13  and a food which gets blocked in the throat, and a very painful torment
73:14  The Day the earth and the mountains shake violently, and the mountains became a heap of sand crumbling down
73:15  Surely, We have sent unto you a Messenger as a witness over you in the same way as We sent a Messenger unto Firaun
73:16  Then Firaun disobeyed the Messenger, so We seized him in a terrible catch
73:17  Then how would you guard against the (punishment of the) Day, if you disbelieved, that will make the children and youth grey-haired
73:18  With (the approach of) that (Day) the heaven is one which is about to break-up. His Promise has become fulfilled
73:19  Certainly, this is Tazkirah (‘Admonition’.), therefore whosoever wished, he adopted the Path leading to his Nourisher-Sustainer
73:20  Surely, your Nourisher-Sustainer comes to know that you continue to stand (in late-night Prayer) a little less than 2/3rd of the night, and (sometimes) half of it (i.e., the later half of the night), and (sometimes) one third (1/3rd) of it (i.e., the terminal 1/3rd of the night if we count the period from sunset to the break of dawn) — and a group out of those (Believers) who are with you (also join you in Tahajjud Prayers). And Allah assesses the (utility of the) night and the day. He knew (beforehand) that you will never bear it (without getting over-tired), so He has turned to you in affection. So recite as became easy, out of Al-Qur‘an. He knew that soon there would be among you sick people, and others will travel through the earth, they will seek out of the Bounty of Allah; and (still) others will take part in Qital for the Cause of Allah. So recite as became easy out of it and establish As-Salat and pay-up Zakat, and lend to Allah Qarzan Hasanan. And whatever you send in advance for yourselves in the form of Khair (commendable deeds), you will find it with Allah; it (will be) something extremely good and greater as a reward. And seek Forgiveness from Allah. Verily, Allah is Oft-Forgiving, continuously Merciful