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52:1  I call to witness the Mount (of revelation)
52:2  And a Book inscribe
52:3  On open unrolled parchments
52:4  And the ever so much-frequented House (- Ka`abah)
52:5  And (its) Elevated Roof
52:6  And the dry and empty sea
52:7  That the punishment of your Lord is bound to descend
52:8  None can avert it
52:9  The day the sky shall reel and rock (in a state of terrific commotion)
52:10  And the mountains shall move fast
52:11  On that day destruction awaits those who cry lies (to the Messengers of God)
52:12  Who indulge in idle talk and who are busy in vain pursuits
52:13  On that day they shall be urged to and thrust into the Fire of Gehenna with a violent and irresistible urging
52:14  (They will be told,) `This is the Fire you used to cry lies to
52:15  `Is this an illusion or is it you who are still unable to see
52:16  `Burn you in it, and whether you show patience or you show (it) not, will be the same to you, (for) you will be requited only for your deeds.
52:17  Verily, those who guarded against evil will be in Gardens and in (a state of) bliss
52:18  Rejoicing at those (gifts) which their Lord will have granted them, and (they will render Him thanks that) their Lord has guarded them against the torments of Hell
52:19  (It will be said to them,) `Eat and drink and enjoy yourselves as a reward of your (good) deeds.
52:20  They will (on that day) be reclining on couches ranged in parallel rows. And We shall pair them with fair and pure houris
52:21  We shall unite with those who believe such of their children who follow them in Faith even (though they do not attain the high standard of their forefathers' righteousness) yet We will not deprive them the least of the reward of their deeds. Every soul stands pledged for his own deeds (and is neither deprived of the reward nor can escape the punishment of his bad deeds)
52:22  We shall provide these (owners of Paradise) with such fruit and meat in abundance as they desire
52:23  Therein they will pass one to another a cup (of refreshing drink) which shall induce neither foul talk nor sin
52:24  Their own young sons as pure as though they were (virgin) pearls embedded in their shells, shall go round them
52:25  And they will accost one another asking mutual questions
52:26  They will say, `Before (this) we were very much haunted by fear, in the midst of our family (about the consequences of our deeds)
52:27  `But Allah has been gracious to us and has saved us from the torment of the burning blast
52:28  `We used to call upon Him before (in prayer). Surely, He alone is the Most Beneficent, the Ever Merciful.
52:29  So (Prophet!) keep on exhorting, as by the grace of your Lord, you are neither a soothesayer, nor a mad man
52:30  Yet they say (about you), `(He is only) a poet, (and) we await the vicissitudes, which time will bring upon him.
52:31  Say, `Await you (the calamities), I too am with you among those who are awaiting.
52:32  As a matter of fact their reason prompts them to (think of the Prophet in) these (terms). They are, rather, a people transgressing limits
52:33  They say, `He has fabricated it (- the Qur'an).' The fact is that they have no belief (in God)
52:34  Let them, then bring forth a discourse like this (Qur'an) if they are truthful (in their objection)
52:35  Have they been created without a (creative) agency (or purpose)? Or are they their own creators
52:36  Have they created the heavens and the earth? The thing is only that they have no faith (in God)
52:37  Do they hold the treasures of your Lord or are they the Lord Supreme
52:38  Have they the means through which they can overhear (the Lord)? If so, let their listener bring forth a clear authoritative proof (just as the Prophet of God does)
52:39  (O disbelievers, as you believes,) does He have daughters while you have sons
52:40  Do you ask a reward from them (for your conveying the Message) so that they are weighed down with a load of undue debts (and so are finding it hard to pay)
52:41  Do they have (the knowledge of) the unseen so that they write down (and judge things in its light)
52:42  Do they intend to wage a war (against you)? But (remember) it is those who disbelieve that will be the victims of (their own) strategy of war
52:43  Have they a god other than Allah? Indeed, Highly Exalted is Allah far above all the things they associate with Him
52:44  And (even) if they see a fragment of the sky falling down (in the form of punishment) they would say, `(It is only) piled up clouds (and not a sign of punishment whatsoever)
52:45  So leave them alone till they meet that day of theirs (- the day of the battle of Badr) when they will be driven into the fire (of warfare)
52:46  The day when their stratagem of warfare will be of no avail to them and no help will be rendered to them (from any quarter)
52:47  There awaits the wrongdoers yet another punishment even prior to that (punishment of war). But most of them do not know
52:48  (Prophet!) await with patience and perseverance (the implementation of) the judgment of your Lord. You are under Our (loving care and) protection. And extol the Holiness of your Lord along with His praises when you rise (from sleep for Prayer)
52:49  And proclaim His glory for part of the night and also at the declining of the stars (when the night is about to end)