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52:1  By the mountain
52:2  and the written book
52:3  in open pages
52:4  and the house that is visited
52:5  and the elevated roof
52:6  and the overflowing sea.
52:7  The punishment of your Fosterer will certainly be brought into effect,
52:8  there will be no one to repel it.
52:9  The day the sky will whirl (with a) whirl
52:10  and the mountains will pass away, passing away.
52:11  Sorrowful will be the state on that day of those who deny,
52:12  who playfully (get involved) in idle talk,
52:13  the day they will be pushed towards the fire (with) a pushing.
52:14  (It will be said), “This is the fire which you used to deny.
52:15  Then is it magic, or do you not see?
52:16  Enter it, then be patient or impatient, it is equal for you, you will be rewarded only for that which you used to do.”
52:17  Those who had guarded (against evil) will certainly be in gardens and in happiness,
52:18  rejoicing because of that which their Fosterer has given them and (because) their Fosterer protected them from the punishment of hell.
52:19  (It will be said to them), “Eat and drink pleasantly because of that which you used to do.”
52:20  (They will), recline on couches arranged in ranks and We will pair them with fair ones with wide beautiful eyes.
52:21  And those who believe and their descendants who follow (them) in belief, We will unite with them their descendants, and We will not reduce anything from (the reward of) their deeds. Every man is in pledge (security) for that which he has earned.
52:22  And We will support them with fruit and flesh such as they desire.
52:23  Therein they will take from one another, a cup in which there will be nothing vain nor any sin.
52:24  And for them, boys will go around them. (They will be) as if they were hidden pearls.
52:25  While facing one another they will inquire from each other,
52:26  saying, “Earlier, while we were among our people we were certainly afraid,
52:27  but Allah has been gracious to us and has protected us from the punishment of the heat wave.
52:28  We certainly used to pray to Him earlier, He is certainly the Benign (obliging), the Merciful.”
52:29  So be reminding, because by the grace of your Fosterer, you are neither a soothsayer nor one influenced by jinn.
52:30  Or do they say, “(He is) a poet, for whom we are waiting for an accident of time?”
52:31  Say, “Wait, because I am also with you, of those who wait.”
52:32  Or do their understandings enjoin them to (utter) this (statement) or are they a rebellious people?
52:33  Or do they say, “He has invented it?” No, they do not believe.
52:34  Then let them bring a statement similar to it, (if the Quran can be invented by any human being and) if they are truthful.
52:35  Or were they created from nothing (or by no one)? Or were they (themselves their) creators?
52:36  Or did they create the skies and the earth? No, they have no certainty.
52:37  Or do they have with them the treasures of your Fosterer? Or are they the managers?
52:38  Or do they have a ladder by (climbing on) which they seek to hear? Then let their listener come with a clear authority.
52:39  Or has He daughters and for you there are sons?
52:40  Or do you ask them for a reward so that they are burdened with a debt?
52:41  Or is (the knowledge of) the unseen with them that they write (it) down?
52:42  Or do they intend to plot? Then those who do not believe, they (themselves) are under the influence of a plot.
52:43  Or is there for them a god other than Allah? Glory be to Allah (He is high above) that which they associate as partners (with Him).
52:44  And (even) if they see a piece of the sky fall, they would say, “A heaped cloud.”
52:45  So leave them till they meet that day of theirs wherein they will fall down senseless.
52:46  The day their plot will not make them free from anything, nor will they be helped.
52:47  And for those who are unjust, there will certainly be a punishment besides that, but the majority of them does not know.
52:48  So wait patiently for the command of your Fosterer, for you are certainly before Our eyes. And glorify your Fosterer by praising (Him) at the time you rise
52:49  and in the night glorify Him and after (the disappearance of) the stars.