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52:1  By the Mount.
52:2  And by the Book inscribed.
52:3  And by the Book inscribed.
52:4  And by the frequented House.
52:5  And by the lofty roof.
52:6  And by the burning sea.
52:7  Surely, the torment of your Lord is certainly to occur;
52:8  There is none to avert it.
52:9  The day when the heaven will shake with awful shaking.
52:10  And the mountain will move with an awful movement
52:11  Woe is then on that day to the beliers.
52:12  Those who are playing in idle avocation.
52:13  The day when they shall be driven towards the hell with forceful pushing.
52:14  This is the Fire, which you used to belie.
52:15  Is this magic? or you do not perceive.
52:16  Go into it, now whether you be patient or be not patient, all is equal to you. You are merely recompensed for what you used to do.
52:17  Undoubtedly, the pious are in gardens and in delight.
52:18  They are happy what their Lord has bestowed them, and their Lord has saved them from the fire.
52:19  Eat and Drink with pleasure for what you were doing.
52:20  Reclining in couches which are spread in rows, and We got them married with fair maidens having wide beautiful eyes.
52:21  And those who believed and whose off-spring followed them with faith. We joined them with their offspring and diminished not anything from. their deeds. All men are pledged in their deeds.
52:22  And We helped them with fruits and meat, anything they desire.
52:23  They pass from one to another, a cup wherein is neither absurdity nor sin.
52:24  And the youths in their service will go round them, as if they are pearls preserved concealed.
52:25  And of them one faced another asking questions.
52:26  They said, verily, before this we were in our families afraid'.
52:27  Therefore Allah favoured us and saved us from the torment of scorching hot wind.
52:28  Verily, we had worshipped Him in our first life. Undoubtedly, He is the Beneficent, the Merciful.
52:29  Then (O beloved Prophet) admonish. By the grace of Allah neither you are a sooth sayer nor a madman.
52:30  Or they say, 'He is a poet, we are waiting for the calamity of the time coming on him'
52:31  Say, you, 'keep on waiting, I am too waiting with you'.
52:32  Do their wisdom tell them this or they are people contumacious?
52:33  Or they say 'He has made this Quran, Nay rather they believe not'.
52:34  Then let them bring a single discourse like this, if they are truthful.
52:35  Have they not been created by any lineage or they are themselves creators?
52:36  Or they have created the heavens and the earth? Nay, rather they are not convinced.
52:37  Or they possess the treasure of your Lord or they are incharge of affairs'
52:38  Or they have any ladder by means of which they hear, then let their listener bring a clear authority.
52:39  Has He daughters and you sons?
52:40  Or you ask some wage from them, so that they are pressed under a load of debt
52:41  Or they have unseen with them by which they give command.
52:42  Or they are intending any plot? But it is the infidels who are to be caught in the plot.
52:43  Or they have any other god besides Allah? Sanctified is Allah from their polytheism
52:44  And if they should see a fragment of the sky falling down, they would say then, it is clouds piled up.
52:45  Then leave them, till they encounter their day wherein they shall swoon.
52:46  The day their plot shall avail them not at all, and not they shall be helped.
52:47  And undoubtedly, for the unjust people there is a torment before this, but most of them know not.
52:48  And O beloved prophet! Remain patient for the order of your Lord, that verily you are before Our eyes, and sanctify your Lord praising Him when stand.
52:49  And sanctify Him in the night and after the setting of the stars