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52:1  I CALL TO witness the Mount Sinai
52:2  And the Scripture inscribe
52:3  On a parchment scroll unrolled
52:4  The house ever-peopled
52:5  The roof raised high
52:6  And the swollen sea
52:7  The punishment of your Lord is certain to come
52:8  There is none who could avert it
52:9  The day the sky will tremble
52:10  The mountains move and fly away
52:11  Will be the day of woe for thos
52:12  Who, ignoring the Reality, engage in pleasantries
52:13  The day they are dragged and pushed into Hell
52:14  (And told:) "This is the fire which you denied
52:15  Is it magic, or you cannot see
52:16  Roast in it. Bear it with patience or impatience, it will be the same for you. You will be requited for what you had done."
52:17  Those who fear God and follow the straight path will surely be in gardens and in bliss
52:18  Rejoicing at what their Lord has given them; and their Lord will preserve them from the torment of Hell
52:19  "Eat and drink with relish," (they will be told), (as recompense) for what you had done."
52:20  They would recline on couches set in rows, paired with fair companions (clean of thought and) bright of eye
52:21  And those who believed, and whose progeny also followed them in their faith, will be united with their offspring. We will not deprive them of their labour in the least. Every man is bound to what he does
52:22  We shall give them fruits and meats, and what they desire
52:23  They will exchange cups of wine free of (incitement to) pleasantry or sin
52:24  And young attendants like pearls within their shells, will go round
52:25  They will ask each other questions
52:26  Saying: "We were also once full of fear at home
52:27  But God has been gracious to us, and has saved us from the torment of scorching wind
52:28  We used to pray to Him erstwhile; He is the just and merciful
52:29  Remind them, therefore, that by the grace of your Lord you are neither a soothsayer nor possessed
52:30  Do they say: "He is a poet for whom we expect an adverse turn of fortune?"
52:31  Tell them: "Keep on expecting, I am expecting with you."
52:32  Does their reasoning prompt them to this, or they are a people rebellious
52:33  Or do they say: "He has fabricated it?" In fact, they will never believe
52:34  So let them bring a discourse like it, if they are truthfu
52:35  Or were they created of themselves? Or are they the creators
52:36  Or have they created the heavens and the earth? In fact they are certain of nothing
52:37  Do they possess the treasures of your Lord? Or are they the treasurers
52:38  Or do they have a ladder (climbing which) they can hear (the secrets of heaven)? Let one who has heard then bring a clear proof
52:39  Has (God) daughters and they sons
52:40  Or do you demand any wages from them so that they are burdened with expense
52:41  Or do they have knowledge of the Unknown which they write down
52:42  Or do they want to stage a deception? -- Then only those who do not believe will be the ones who will be tricked
52:43  Or do they have a god apart from God? He is too exalted for what they associate with Him
52:44  If they should see a segment falling from the sky, they would say: "It is only a massive cloud."
52:45  So, leave them until they face their day (of doom) when they will be stunned
52:46  Their deception will not avail them in the least on that day, nor will they be helped
52:47  Surely there are other torments besides this for those who are wicked, though most of them do not know
52:48  Await the judgement of your Lord, for you are always before Our eyes, and glorify your Lord with praises when you rise
52:49  And glorify Him in the night and when the stars begin to wane