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52:1  By the Mount
52:2  and a Book recorded
52:3  on unrolled parchment,
52:4  and the thriving House
52:5  with the roof raised [over it],
52:6  and the swollen sea,
52:7  your Lord´s torment is bound to happen!
52:8  No one will avert it
52:9  on a day when the sky will shift about
52:10  and the mountains travel around.
52:11  It will be too bad on that day for rejectors
52:12  who play around with speculation,
52:13  on the day they will be pushed firmly towards Hell fire:
52:14  "This is the Fire which you have been denying.
52:15  Is this magic or don´t you notice anything?
52:16  Roast in it! Whether you act patient or impatient, it will be all the same for you; you are merely being rewarded for what you have been doing."
52:17  The heedful will be in gardens and bliss,
52:18  delighted with whatever their Lord has given them. Their Lord has shielded them from the torment of Hades:
52:19  ´Eat and drink at leisure because of what you have been doing."
52:20  Relaxing on couches all lined up, We will pair them off with dark-eyed damsels!.
52:21  We shall unite those who believe and whose offspring have followed them in faith with their offspring. We will not deprive them of any action of theirs in any way; each man is a pledge for whatever he has earned.
52:22  We will spread out any fruit and meat for them such as they may desire.
52:23  They will compete for a cup there in which no idle talk nor any faultfinding lurks.
52:24  Young men of theirs will pass around among them as if they were treasured pearls.
52:25  Some of them will step forward to question one another;
52:26  they will say: "We were anxious about our family previously,
52:27  yet God has compensated us and shielded us from the torment of [Hell´s] scorching breath.
52:28  We have long since appealed to Him; He is the Virtue-granting, the Merciful!"
52:29  Remind, for by your Lord´s favor, you are no fortune-teller nor any madman.
52:30  Or do they say: "[He´s] a poet! We´ll wait for some quirk of fate to [upset] him."
52:31  SAY: "Lie in wait; for I am waiting along with you."
52:32  Do their fancies order them to do this or are they arrogant folk?"
52:33  Or do they say: "He has talked it all up"? Rather they do not believe.
52:34  Let them bring a report like it if they are so truthful.
52:35  Or were they created out of nothing, or are they their own creators?
52:36  Or did they create Heaven and Earth? Rather they will never be convinced.
52:37  Do they hold on to your Lord´s treasures, or are they even in charge of them?
52:38  Or have they some ladder from which to eavesdrop? Let their eavesdropper bring some clear authority!
52:39  Or has He daughters while you have sons?
52:40  Or are you asking them for some fee so they will feel weighted down with debt?
52:41  Do they have the Unseen which they are writing down?
52:42  Or do they want [to hatch] some plot, while those who disbelieve are themselves being plotted against?
52:43  Or do they have some other deity instead of God [Alone]? Glory be to God ahead of anything they may associate [with Him]!
52:44  If they ever saw some object falling out of the sky, they would say: ´Some clouds have been piled up."
52:45  Leave them alone till they encounter their day in which they will be stunned,
52:46  a day when their plotting will not help them out at all nor will they be supported.
52:47  The ones who act unjustly will have torment beyond that, even though most of them do not realize it.
52:48  Act patiently towards your Lord´s discretion since you are under Our eyes. Hymn your Lord´s praise whenever you arise,
52:49  and at night glorify Him occasionally, and as the stars fade away.