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52:1  By the mount
52:2  and by a Book inscribed
52:3  on an unrolled scroll of parchment
52:4  and by the frequented House
52:5  and by the exalted roof
52:6  and that which is poured forth over the seas,
52:7  truly, the punishment of Thy Lord is that which falls.
52:8  There is no one who averts it.
52:9  On a Day when the heaven will spin a spinning
52:10  and the mountains will journey a journey.
52:11  Then, woe on a Day to the ones who deny,
52:12  they, those are engaging in idle talk, play,
52:13  on a Day they will be driven away with force to the fire of hell with a driving away:
52:14  This is the fire which you had been denying!
52:15  Is this, then, sorcery or is it that you perceive not?
52:16  Roast you in it! Then, have patience, or you endure patiently not, it is all the same to you. You will be only given recompense for what you had been doing.
52:17  Truly, the ones who are Godfearing will be in Gardens and bliss,
52:18  ones who are joyful for what their Lord gave them. And their Lord protected them from the punishment of hellfire.
52:19  Eat and drink wholesomely because of what you had been doing.
52:20  They will be ones who are reclining on couches arrayed. And We will give in marriage to them lovely, most beautiful eyed ones.
52:21  And those who believed and their offspring who followed them in belief, We caused them to join their offspring. And We deprived them not of anything of their actions. Every man will be pledged for what he earned.
52:22  And We furnished relief to them with sweet fruit and meat such as that for which they lust.
52:23  They will contend with one another for a cup around which there is no idle talk nor accusation of sinfulness.
52:24  And boys of theirs will go around them as if they had been well-guarded pearls.
52:25  And some of them will come forward to some others demanding of one another.
52:26  They would say: Truly, we had been before ones who are apprehensive among our people,
52:27  but God showed grace to us and protected us from the punishment of the burning wind.
52:28  Truly, we had been calling to Him before. Truly, He, He is The Source of Goodness, The Compassionate.
52:29  So remind! Thou art not, by the divine blessing of thy Lord, a soothsayer nor one who is possessed.
52:30  Or they say: A poet! We await for the setback of fate for him.
52:31  Say: Await for I am with the ones who are waiting.
52:32  Or command their faculties of understanding to this? Or are they a folk, ones who are defiant?
52:33  Or say they: He fabricated it? Nay! They believe not.
52:34  Then, let them bring a discourse like it, if they had been ones who are sincere.
52:35  Or were they created out of nothing? Or are they ones who are creators of themselves?
52:36  Or created they the heavens and the earth? Nay! They are not certain.
52:37  Or are the treasures of thy Lord with them? Or are they ones who are registrars?
52:38  Or have they a ladder by means of which they listen? Then, let ones who are listening bring a clear authority.
52:39  Or has He daughters and they have sons?
52:40  Or hast thou asked them for a compensation so that they are from something owed ones who will be weighed down?
52:41  Or is the unseen with them and they write it down?
52:42  Or want they cunning? But it is those who were ungrateful. They are the ones who are outwitted.
52:43  Or have they a god other than God? Glory be to God above partners they ascribe!
52:44  And if they consider pieces of the heaven descending, they would say: Heaped up clouds!
52:45  So forsake them until they encounter their day in which they will be swooning.
52:46  A Day when their cunning will avail them not at all nor will they be helped.
52:47  And, truly, for those who did wrong there is a punishment besides that, but most of them know not.
52:48  So have thou patience for the determination of thy Lord, for, truly, thou art under Our eyes; and glorify the praises of thy Lord when thou hast stood up at the time of dawn,
52:49  and glorify at night and the drawing back of the stars.