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52:1  By/and the mountain
52:2  By/and a Book written/inscribed/drafted
52:3  In spread/publicized parchment
52:4  By/and to the House/Home, the frequently visited/inhabited/populated
52:5  By/and the roof/ceiling, the raised
52:6  By/and the sea/ocean , the filled and overflowed
52:7  That truly your Lord's torture (is) happening/falling (E)
52:8  (There is) no repeller/pusher for it
52:9  A day/time the sky/space agitates/moves from side to side quickly (in) agitation/quick movement from side to side
52:10  And the mountains moves movement/manipulation
52:11  So calamity/scandal (on) that day to the liars/falsifiers
52:12  Those who, they are in a plunge/an engagement in conversation playing/amusing
52:13  A day/time they are being called repeatedly to Hell's fire , repelling/pushing away violently and roughly
52:14  This (is) the fire which you were with it lying/denying
52:15  So is magic/sorcery that (so is that magic/sorcery)? Or you do not see/look/understand
52:16  Roast/suffer it , so be patient or do not be patient, (it is) equal/alike on (to) you, but/truly you are being reimbursed what you were making/doing
52:17  That truly the fearing and obeying (are) in treed gardens/paradises and blessing/comfort and ease
52:18  Enjoying/joyful with what their Lord gave them, and their Lord protected them (from) the Hell's torture
52:19  Eat and drink pleasurable/tasty because (of) what you were making/doing
52:20  Reclining/resting on royal beds/sofas lined/arranged, and We got them married with (spouses of) eyes with intense blackness of pupils and whiteness (beautifully contrasted)
52:21  And those who believed and their descendants followed them with faith/belief, We made their descendants catch up/follow with them, and We did not reduce/diminish them from a thing from their deeds , each/every human with what he gained/won (is) accountable
52:22  And We extended/spread them with fruits and flesh/meat from what they desire/crave
52:23  They give each other in it a cup/wine , (there is) no nonsense/senseless talk in it, and nor sinning/committing crimes
52:24  And servants/boys for them, circle/walk around on them, as if they are protected/covered pearls
52:25  And some of them approached/came on (to) some (each other), they ask/question each other
52:26  They said: "We were before in our people/family afraid/compassionate ."
52:27  So God blessed on us and He protected/preserved us (from) the severe hot's/burning wind's torture
52:28  We were from before, we call Him, that He truly is, He is the righteous/charitable , the merciful/most merciful
52:29  So remind, so you are not with your Lord's blessing with a fortune teller/highly ranked priest or rabbi ,and nor mad/insane
52:30  Or they say: "A poet, we wait/remain with him the death's doubt/suspicion"
52:31  Say: "Wait/remain (watch) so that I am with you from the waiting/ remaining (watching)."
52:32  Or their minds/dreams order/command them with that, or they are a tyrannizing/arrogant nation
52:33  Or they say: "He made it up." But/rather, they do not believe
52:34  So they come (E) with an information/speech equal/alike to it, if they were truthful
52:35  Or they were created from without a thing, or they are the creators
52:36  Or they created the skies/space and the earth/Planet Earth, but/rather they are not sure/certain
52:37  Or at them (are) your Lord's safes/storages (treasures)? Or they are the dominators/controllers
52:38  Or for them (is) a ladder, they hear/listen in (from) it? So their hearer/listener should come with a clear/evident proof/evidence/power
52:39  Or for Him (are) the daughters, and for you (are) the sons
52:40  Or you ask/question them (for) a reward/wage/fee, so they are from a burdensome debt heavy/burdened/loaded
52:41  Or at them (is) the unseen/absent so they write/dictate
52:42  Or they want/intend a plot/conspiracy ? So those who disbelieved they are the plotted/conspired against
52:43  Or for them (is) a god other than God? God's praise/glory from what they share/make partners (with Him)
52:44  And if they see/understand pieces from the sky/space dropping/falling they say: "Piled/accumulated/heaped clouds."
52:45  So leave them until they meet/find their day/time which in it they die/get thunderstruck
52:46  A day/time their plotting/conspiracy does not enrich/suffice from them a thing, and nor they be given victory/aid
52:47  And that truly to those who were unjust/oppressive (is) a torture other than that, and but most of them do not know
52:48  And be patient for your Lord's judgment/rule, so that you are with Our eyes/sights, and praise/glorify with your Lord's praise/gratitude when you stand/get up
52:49  And from the night so praise/glorify Him, and (at) the star's/planet's passings/ends (settings)