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21:1  Their reckoning has drawn near for humankind, while they tum away in heedlessness.
21:2  Whenever there comes to them a new reminder from their Lord, they ridicule it as they hear it,
21:3  their hearts inattentive. And they keep their conferences secret, do those who act oppressively: "Is this but a man like yourselves? Will you then take to sorcery, with open eyes?"
21:4  [The Prophet] said, "My Lord knows what is said in heaven and on earth; God is all-hearing and all-knowing."
21:5  "No," they say, "it is a jumble of dreams." "No, he made it up." "No, he is a poet." "Let him produce a sign like what was revealed by the ancients."
21:6  No community before them that We destroyed believed: will they then believe?
21:7  And We never sent before you any but men whom We inspired: so ask the people who have been reminded if you do not know.
21:8  And We did not give them bodies that did not eat food; and they were not immortal.
21:9  Then We fulfilled the promise and We saved them, and those We willed to save. And We destroyed the wasteful, who went beyond all bounds.
21:10  We have sent to you a Book in which is a reminder for you all: will you not then comprehend?
21:11  How many communities have We annihilated as wrongdoers and oppressors, and produced other peoples after them?
21:12  And when they feel Our vengeance, they flee from it.
21:13  Do not flee, but return to what has been given you of the good things in this life, and to your homes, so that you may be questioned.
21:14  They said, "To our dismay, we were indeed wrongdoers!"
21:15  And that did not cease to be their cry until We mowed them down, reduced to dead ashes.
21:16  And not in play did We create heaven and earth and all that is between them.
21:17  Had We wished to take to sport. We would have made one from Our Own domain if We were to do so.
21:18  No, but We do hurl Truth against falsehood, and It breaks its head, and falsehood perishes. And woe to you all for what you assert.
21:19  To God belongs all those in the heavens and on the earth: and those in the presence Divine are not too proud to worship God. and neither do they weary:
21:20  they glorify God unceasingly. by night and by day.
21:21  Have they taken to gods from the earth who resurrect the dead?
21:22  Had there been gods in heaven and earth other than The God, both would surely have gone to ruin. So glory to God. Lord of the Throne. beyond what they describe.
21:23  God is not questioned for what God does; they are the ones to be questioned.
21:24  Have they taken to gods other than The One? Say, “Bring your proof. This is the reminder of those who are with me, and the reminder of those before me.” But most of them do not know the truth, and so they turn away.
21:25  Whenever We sent an envoy, We revealed to him that there is nothing to worship but Me, so worship Me.
21:26  Yet they say, “The Compassionate One has gotten a son; glory to Him!” No, they are but honored servants:
21:27  they do not speak before God does, and they act by God's decree.
21:28  God knows what lays before them and what is behind them: and they do not intercede but for those with whom God is pleased, and they are wary for fear of God.
21:29  And if any of them say, “I am to be worshiped instead of God," for that We reward them with hell: thus do we recompense wrongdoers.
21:30  Do not the ungrateful perceive that the heavens and the earth were united together, then We split them apart? And We made from water all living things. Will they not have faith?
21:31  And We set upon the earth immovable mountains, lest it quake with them; and We set on it pathways as roads, so that they might be guided.
21:32  And We made the sky a roof, protected; yet they turn away from its signs.
21:33  And God it is who created the night and the day, and the sun and the moon, each swimming in an orbit.
21:34  And We have not granted permanence to anyone before you. If then you will die, are they to be here forever?
21:35  Every soul experiences death. And We try you all by ill and by good as experiential proof. And to Us you will all be returned.
21:36  And when ingrates without faith see you, they only take you for a joke: “Is this the one who mentions your gods?" While they themselves reject reminder of The Compassionate One.
21:37  Humankind is made of haste. I will show you all My signs, so do not try to hurry Me.
21:38  And they say, “When is this promise fulfilled, if you are being truthful?"
21:39  If only disbelievers knew of the time when they cannot ward off the fire from their faces or from their backs and they will not be helped!
21:40  No, it will come upon them unawares, and confound them, so they cannot avert it, and no respite will they have.
21:41  And Messengers before you have indeed been mocked; but the scoffers were surrounded by what they had been mocking.
21:42  Say, “Who can protect you from the Compassionate One by night and by day?" But they turn away from mention of their Lord.
21:43  Have they gods to defend them instead of Us? They are unable to help themselves, and they are not protected from Us.
21:44  But We let these people enjoy things. they and their forefathers until life grew long to them. Do they not then see that We affect the earth, reducing it from its borders? Will they then be the winners?
21:45  Say, "I only warn you all by revelation." But the deaf do not hear the call when they happen to be warned.
21:46  But if there touched them a breath of the punishment of their Lord. they would surely say. "To our dismay. we were doing wrong!"
21:47  And We will set up the scales of justice for the day of reckoning: and no soul shall be wronged in anything. And be it the weight of a mustard seed, We will bring it forth: and We are well able to take account.
21:48  And We gave Moses and Aaron the Criterion, and Light, and a reminder for the conscientious,
21:49  those who fear their Lord in secret, and who are dreading the Hour.
21:50  And this is a blessed message We have sent: will you all then reject it?