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90:1  No! I swear by this city,
90:2  and yousg are free of restriction this city.
90:3  By the begetter and what he has begotten—
90:4  We have certainly created man in distress.
90:5  Does he think that no one will be able to restrain him?
90:6  He says, “I have consumed stacks of wealth.”
90:7  Does he think that no one has seen him?
90:8  Have We not made for him two eyes
90:9  and a tongue and two lips,
90:10  and showed him the two courses?
90:11  But he did not brave the difficult route.
90:12  And what can make you realize what the difficult route is?
90:13  (It is) the freeing of a neck (from the yokes of slavery),
90:14  or the feeding—on a day of starvation—of
90:15  an orphaned relative
90:16  or a destitute person in the dust,
90:17  then becoming of those who attained faith and enjoined upon one another patience and enjoined upon one another compassion—
90:18  those are the fellows of the rightness.
90:19  But those who denied Our revelations—those are the fellows of the ill-omened;
90:20  over them is a fire with no exit.