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90:1  I swear by this City;
90:2  And O beloved! you are dwelling in this city;
90:3  And by your father Ibrahim and his progeny that you are;
90:4  Undoubtedly, We created man in toil.
90:5  Does man think that none will overcome him?
90:6  He says, 'I have wasted heaps of wealth;
90:7  Does man think that none has seen him?
90:8  have We not made his two eyes;
90:9  And a tongue and two lips'?
90:10  And pointed to him the way of two raised things.
90:11  Then he hurried not to the steep valley without deliberation;
90:12  And what did you know what that valley is?
90:13  It is the freeing of the neck of a bondman.
90:14  Or providing food in a day of hunger.
90:15  To an orphan near' of kin;
90:16  Or to a poor man lying in the dust.
90:17  Again, he should he of those who believed and counseled among themselves to be steadfast and counseled among themselves to be merciful.
90:18  These are the people of the right .
90:19  But those who disbelieved Our signs, they are the people of , the left.
90:20  Over them is a fire, that after casting them therein it has been closed from above.