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90:1  Nay! I bring to witness this city (Makka)
90:2  — and you are a freeman and a citizen of this city
90:3  And (I bring to witness) the begetter (father) and that (son) which he begot
90:4  Verily, We have created the human being to face hardship
90:5  Does he think that none will (ever) object against him
90:6  He says (regretfully): “I have spent enormous wealth!”
90:7  Does he think that none has watched him (— neither Allah, nor the two angels imposed on him)
90:8  Have We not made for him a pair of eyes
90:9  And a tongue, and a pair of lips
90:10  And We showed him the two ways (the righteous as well as the evil one)
90:11  But he has not yet passed through the difficult terrain
90:12  And what has made you realise what Al-Aqaba (the difficult terrain) is
90:13  It is freeing or getting freed one (human) neck from (any sort of) enslavement
90:14  Or providing food in a day of famine and hunger
90:15  to Yatim (weak in society, or an orphan,) near of kin
90:16  or an indigent in full contentment
90:17  Then he became of those who accepted Faith, and they recommended to one another for perseverance and patience; and they recommended one another for pity and compassion
90:18  Such are the people of the desirable site
90:19  And those who disbelieved in Ayaatina: they are the people of the site devoid of (Allah’s) mercy
90:20  over them (will be) Fire, made completely covered over them with no outlet