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90:1  I swear an oath by this land
90:2  thou art allowed in this land
90:3  and by ones who are your parents and what is procreated,
90:4  truly, We created the human being in trouble.
90:5  Assumes he that none has power over him?
90:6  He says: I have caused abundant wealth to perish.
90:7  Assumes he that none sees him?
90:8  Make we not two eyes for him
90:9  and a tongue and two lips
90:10  and guided him to the two open highways?
90:11  Yet he rushed not onto the steep ascent.
90:12  What will cause thee to recognize what the steep ascent is?
90:13  It is the liberating of a bondsperson
90:14  or feeding on a day possessing famine
90:15  an orphan, possessor of kinship,
90:16  or a needy, possessor of misery.
90:17  Again, it had been among those who believed and counseled one another to having patience and counseled one another to clemency.
90:18  Those will be the Companions of the Right.
90:19  But they who were ungrateful for Our signs they will be the Companions of the Left
90:20  and over them will be fire, that which is closing in.