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al-Balad (The City, This Countryside)
as rendered by Rashad Khalifa
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Rashad Khalifa rendition of Surah The City, This Countryside(al-Balad)
90:1 I solemnly swear by this town.
90:2 The town where you live.
90:3 The begetting and the begotten.
90:4 We created the human being to work hard (to redeem himself).
90:5 Does he think that no one will ever call him to account?
90:6 He boasts, "I spent so much money!"
90:7 Does he think that no one sees him?
90:8 Did we not give him two eyes?
90:9 A tongue and two lips?
90:10 Did we not show him the two paths?
90:11 He should choose the difficult path.
90:12 Which one is the difficult path?
90:13 The freeing of slaves.
90:14 Feeding, during the time of hardship.
90:15 Orphans who are related.
90:16 Or the poor who is in need.
90:17 And being one of those who believe, and exhorting one another to be steadfast, and exhorting one another to be kind.
90:18 These have deserved happiness.
90:19 As for those who disbelieved in our revelations, they have incurred misery.
90:20 They will be confined in the Hellfire.


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