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al-Balad (The City, This Countryside)
as rendered by Arthur John Arberry
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Arthur John Arberry rendition of Surah The City, This Countryside(al-Balad)
90:1 No! I swear by this land,
90:2 and thou art a lodger in this land;
90:3 by the begetter, and that he begot,
90:4 indeed, We created man in trouble.
90:5 What, does he think none has power over him,
90:6 saying, 'I have consumed wealth abundant'?
90:7 What, does he think none has seen him?
90:8 Have We not appointed to him two eyes,
90:9 and a tongue, and two lips,
90:10 and guided him on the two highways?
90:11 Yet he has not assaulted the steep;
90:12 and what shall teach thee what is the steep?
90:13 The freeing of a slave,
90:14 or giving food upon a day of hunger
90:15 to an orphan near of kin
90:16 or a needy man in misery;
90:17 then that he become of those who believe and counsel each other to be steadfast, and counsel each other to be merciful.
90:18 Those are the Companions of the Right Hand.
90:19 And those who disbelieve in Our signs, they are the Companions of the Left Hand;
90:20 over them is a Fire covered down.


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