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86:1  By Heaven and the Night-Comer!
86:2  And what will convey to you what the Night-Comer is?
86:3  The Piercing Star!
86:4  There is no self which has no guardian over it.
86:5  Man has only to look at what he was created from.
86:6  He was created from a spurting fluid,
86:7  emerging from between the back-bone and the breast-bone.
86:8  He certainly has the power to return him to life.
86:9  on the Day when the secrets are sought out
86:10  and man will have no strength or helper.
86:11  By Heaven with its cyclical systems
86:12  and the earth with its splitting seeds,
86:13  it is truly a Decisive Word.
86:14  It is no joke.
86:15  They are hatching a plot.
86:16  I too am hatching a plot.
86:17  So bear with the kafirun — bear with them for a while.