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87:1  Glorify the Name of your Lord, the Most High:
87:2  He who created and moulded;
87:3  He who determined and guided;
87:4  He who brings forth green pasture,
87:5  then makes it blackened stubble.
87:6  We will cause you to recite so that you do not forget —
87:7  except what Allah wills. He knows what is voiced out loud and what is hidden.
87:8  We will ease you to the Easy Way.
87:9  Remind, then, if the reminder benefits.
87:10  He who has fear will be reminded;
87:11  but the most miserable will shun it,
87:12  those who will roast in the Greatest Fire
87:13  and then neither die nor live in it.
87:14  He who has purified himself will have success,
87:15  He who invokes the Name of his Lord and prays.
87:16  Yet still you prefer the life of the dunya
87:17  when the akhira is better and longer lasting.
87:18  This is certainly in the earlier texts,
87:19  the texts of Ibrahim and Musa.