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86:1  By the heaven and the night-come
86:2  And what shall make thee know that which the night-comer is?
86:3  It is the star shing brightly
86:4  No soul is there but hath over it a watcher
86:5  So let man look - from what is he created
86:6  He is created from a water drip-ping
86:7  That issueth from between the loins and the breast-bones
86:8  Verily He is Able to restore him
86:9  On a Day whereon secrets shall be out
86:10  Then he shall have no power nor any helper
86:11  By the heaven which returneth
86:12  And by the earth which splitteth
86:13  Verily, it is a discourse distinguishing
86:14  And it is not a frivolity
86:15  Verily they are plotting a plot
86:16  And I am plotting a plot
86:17  So respite thou the infidels - respite them gently