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87:1  Hallow thou the name of thine Lord, the Most High
87:2  Who hath created and then proportioned
87:3  And Who hath disposed and then guided
87:4  And Who bringeth forth the pasturage
87:5  Then maketh it to stubble dusky
87:6  We shall enable thee to recite, and then thou shalt not forget
87:7  Save that which Allah may will. Verily He knoweth the public and that which is hidden
87:8  And We shall make easy Unto thee the easy way
87:9  Wherefore admonish thou; admonition hath surely profited
87:10  Admonished is he indeed who feareth
87:11  And the wretched shunneth it-
87:12  He Who shall roast into the Great Fire
87:13  Wherein he shall neither die nor live
87:14  He indeed hath attained bliss who hath cleansed himself
87:15  And who remembereth the name of his Lord, and then prayeth
87:16  But ye prefer the life of this world
87:17  Whereas the Hereafter is better and more lasting
87:18  Verily this is in Writs ancien
87:19  Writs of Ibrahim and Musa