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85:1  Consider the sky with its constellations.
85:2  Consider the promised day.
85:3  Consider the witness and the subject of the witness.
85:4  Cursed are the makers of the pit.
85:5  [It is] fire fed by fuel [for torturing and murdering the believers].
85:6  They took seats [near the fire].
85:7  [As spectators,] they watched what they were doing to the believers.
85:8  They tortured them for no other reason than that they believed in Allah, the Victorious, the Praised One.
85:9  He owns the dominion of Heaven and Earth. Allah witnesses everything.
85:10  As for those who persecute the believers –men and women— and do not repent, they will incur the penalty of Hell. They will incur the penalty of the burning fire.
85:11  As for those who believe and perform righteous deeds, they will live in gardens beneath which rivers flow. That is the great salvation!
85:12  The vengeance of your Lord is truly strong.
85:13  He creates from the very beginning and He can recreate.
85:14  He is the Most Forgiving, Full of Loving Kindness.
85:15  [He is] Owner of the Throne of Glory.
85:16  [He is] Performer of All His Intentions.
85:17  Have you heard the story of the forces…
85:18  …of Pharaoh and [the story of] the Thamud?
85:19  Yet the unbelievers are in denial.
85:20  Allah surrounds them from behind.
85:21  Certainly! This is a glorious Qur’an!
85:22  [It is] in a secured text.