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85:1  By the heaven laden with towers.
85:2  And the appointed Day.
85:3  And a witness and a witnessed.
85:4  Destroyed will be the people of the ditch!
85:5  The fire they supplied with fuel.
85:6  Which they then sat around.
85:7  And they were witness to what they did to the believers.
85:8  And they hated them simply because they had asked them to believe in God, the Noble, the Praiseworthy!
85:9  The One to whom belongs the kingship of the heavens and the earth, and God is witness over everything.
85:10  Those who have persecuted the believing males and the believing females, and then did not repent, they will have the retribution of Hell, and they will have the retribution of the burning.
85:11  Those who believe and do good works, they will have estates with rivers flowing beneath them. Such is the great reward.
85:12  Thepunishment of your Lord is severe.
85:13  It is He who initiates and then returns.
85:14  AndHe is the Forgiver, the Most Kind.
85:15  Possessor of the Throne, the Glorious.
85:16  Doer of what He wills.
85:17  Hasnarrative of the soldiers come to you?
85:18  Pharaoh and Thamud?
85:19  No,those who rejected are in denial.
85:20  AndGod after them is encompassing.
85:21  No,it is a glorious Qur'an.
85:22  In a tablet, preserved.