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85:1  By heaven in which are zodiacal signs.
85:2  And by the promised day.
85:3  And by the day which is a witness, and by the day, they are presented.
85:4  Cursed be the fellows of the ditch,
85:5  Of the blazed fire,
85:6  when they sat by them;
85:7  And they were themselves witnesses to what they were doing with muslims.
85:8  And what they thought bad of muslims only this that they believed in Allah, the Dignified, all Praised.
85:9  He for Whom is the kingdom of the heavens and the earth; and Allah is a witness over all things.
85:10  Those who persecuted the muslim men and women, and then repented not, for them is the torment of Hell and for them is the torment of fire.
85:11  Undoubtedly, those who believed and did good deeds, for them are Gardens beneath which springs flow. This is the great triumph.
85:12  Undoubtedly, the seizing of your Lord is, severe.
85:13  Undoubtedly, He begins first and then repeats.
85:14  And He is the Most Forgiving the Loving to His righteous bondmen.
85:15  The Owner of the Honour able Throne.
85:16  The Doer of whatever He wills.
85:17  Have the words of the hosts come to you?
85:18  Which hosts? of Firawn (Pharoah) and Thamud.
85:19  But rather the infidels are busy in belying.
85:20  And Allah has encompassed l them from behind.
85:21  But it is a glorious Quran.
85:22  In well guarded tablet.