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al-Buruj (The Mansions of the Stars, The Constellations)
as rendered by John Medows Rodwell
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John Medows Rodwell rendition of Surah The Mansions of the Stars, The Constellations(al-Buruj)
85:1 BY the star-bespangled Heaven!
85:2 By the promised Day!
85:3 By the witness and the witnessed!
85:4 Cursed the masters of the trench
85:5 Of the fuel-fed fire,
85:6 When they sat around it
85:7 Witnesses of what they inflicted on the believers!
85:8 Nor did they torment them but for their faith in God, the Mighty, the Praiseworthy:
85:9 His the kingdom of the Heavens and of the Earth; and God is the witness of everything.
85:10 Verily, those who vexed the believers, men and women, and repented not, doth the torment of Hell, and the torment of the burning, await.
85:11 But for those who shall have believed and done the things that be right, are the Gardens beneath whose shades the rivers flow. This the immense bliss!
85:12 Verily, right terrible will be thy Lord's vengeance!
85:13 He it is who produceth all things, and causeth them to return;
85:14 And is He the Indulgent, the Loving;
85:15 Possessor of the Glorious throne;
85:16 Worker of that he willeth.
85:17 Hath not the story reached thee of the hosts
85:18 Of Pharaoh and Themoud?
85:19 Nay! the infields are all for denial:
85:20 But God surroundeth them from behind.
85:21 Yet it is a glorious Koran,
85:22 Written on the preserved Table.


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