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85:1  By oath of the heaven which contains the constellations
85:2  And by oath of the Promised Day
85:3  And by oath of the day that is a witness and by oath of a day in which the people present themselves
85:4  Accursed be the People of the Ditch
85:5  The people of the fuelled blazing fire
85:6  When they were sitting at its edge
85:7  And they themselves are witnesses to what they were doing to the Muslims
85:8  And what did they dislike from the Muslims, except that the Muslims accepted faith in Allah the Most Honourable, the Most Praiseworthy
85:9  To Him only belongs the kingship of the heavens and the earth; and Allah is a Witness over all things
85:10  Indeed those who troubled the Muslim men and Muslim women, and then did not repent – for them is the punishment of hell, and for them is the punishment of fire
85:11  Indeed those who believed and did good deeds – for them are Gardens beneath which rivers flow; this is the great success
85:12  Indeed the seizure of your Lord is very severe
85:13  Indeed it is He Who initiates and redoes
85:14  And He only is the Oft Forgiving, the Beloved of His bondmen
85:15  Master of the Honourable Throne
85:16  Always doing whatever He wills
85:17  Did the story of the armies reach you
85:18  (The armies of) Firaun and the tribe of Thamud
85:19  In fact the disbelievers are in denial
85:20  And Allah is after them, has them surrounded
85:21  In fact it (what they deny) is the Noble Qur’an
85:22  In the Preserved Tablet