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75:1  I call to swear by the Day of Resurrection.
75:2  And I do swear by the self-blaming soul.
75:3  Does man think that We shall not assemble his bones?
75:4  Why not, We are powerful to restore his very fingertips.
75:5  But man desires to do wrong infront of him.
75:6  He asks, when will be the Day of Resurrection?
75:7  But when the eyes is dazzled.
75:8  And the moon is eclipsed.
75:9  And the sun and the moon will be joined together.
75:10  On that day the man will say, where is place to run away to?
75:11  Never, there is no refuge.
75:12  On that day, one is to take towards your Lord alone.
75:13  That day man shall be informed as to what he has sent forward and what he left behind.
75:14  But rather man has complete sight over his own condition.
75:15  And if he brings all excuses he has, even then he will not be heard.
75:16  Move not your tongue with Quran that you may hasten to learn it.
75:17  Undoubtedly, it is upon Us to preserve it and to recite.
75:18  So, when We have already recited it follow then its recital.
75:19  Then it is upon Us, to make clear its minute details.
75:20  Nothing, rather you O infidels! love near life.
75:21  And you have already neglected the Hereafter.
75:22  Some faces on that day will be fresh.
75:23  Looking towards their Lord.
75:24  And some faces that day will be sad and dismal.
75:25  Thinking that back-breaking calamity will befall them.
75:26  Yes, when it will reach to the throat.
75:27  And it will be said, Is there any one who may exorcise?
75:28  And he (the dying man) will think that it is the hour of parting.
75:29  And shank will intertwined with shank.
75:30  The drive that day is towards your Lord.
75:31  For neither he accepted the truth nor offered prayers.
75:32  Yes, he belied and turned his face.
75:33  Then he departed to his home arrogantly.
75:34  Woe is near to you, now woe is near.
75:35  Again, woe is near to you, now woe is near.
75:36  Does man think that he will be left free?
75:37  Was he not a sperm of emission emitted?
75:38  Then he became a clot, and then He created him and perfected him.
75:39  And then He made of him a pair. The male and female
75:40  Would the One who has done all these things be not able to give life to the dead