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76:1  Undoubtedly, there has come upon man a time when there was no mentioning of his name anywhere.
76:2  Undoubtedly, We created man from a mingled sperm drop that We might try him, so We made him hearing, seeing.
76:3  Undoubtedly, We have shown him the way, whether he be grateful or ungrateful.
76:4  Undoubtedly, We have already prepared for the infidels' chains and iron collars and a blazing fire.
76:5  Undoubtedly, the virtuous will drink of a cup whereof the admixture is camphor.
76:6  What is the camphor, it is spring wherefrom the most special bondmen of Allah will drink. They will make it gush forth wherever they would like in their places
76:7  They fulfil their vows, and fear a day the evil of which is wide-spread.
76:8  And they feed, for love of Him, the poor. The orphan and the prisoner.
76:9  They say to them, 'We feed you for Allah pleasure only. We desire no recompense or thanks from you'.
76:10  Undoubtedly, we fear from our Lord a day, which is frowning and very hard.
76:11  So Allah has saved them from the evil of that day and granted them cheerfulness and happiness.
76:12  And recompensed them for their patience with a Garden, and silken clothes.
76:13  They will be reclined upon coaches in the Garden neither they will see therein sunny heat nor excessive cold.
76:14  And its shades will be inclined over them, and its clusters would have been made hanging down.
76:15  And there shall be passed around them silver vessels and goblets, which will be bright as glass.
76:16  What type of glass, glass of silver, the cupbearers would have placed them on complete measurement.
76:17  Therein, they shall be made to drink a cup whose mixture will be ginger.
76:18  What ginger is, it is a spring in the Paradise called Sal-Sabil.
76:19  And never aging youths shall go around them for service, when you see them; you think them to be pearls sprinkled.
76:20  And when you look to them, you see a bliss and a great Kingdom.
76:21  Upon their bodies, there are green silken garments and brocade and are made to wear bracelets of silver. And their Lord made them to drink pure beverage.
76:22  It will be told to them, this is your recompense, and your labour bore fruits.
76:23  Undoubtedly We have sent down the Quran on you in piece-meal.
76:24  So be you patient under the order of your Lord, and hear not anyone of them sinner or unthankful.
76:25  And remember the name of your Lord morning and evening.
76:26  And in part of night, prostrate yourself before Him and magnify Him through the long night.
76:27  Undoubtedly these people love the things under feet, and has already left behind a heavy day.
76:28  We created them, and strengthened their joints, and when We will, We shall exchange their likes
76:29  Undoubtedly, this is an admonition, so whoever wishes may take a way unto his Lord.
76:30  And what you will, but only this Allah wills. Undoubtedly, He is All-Knowing, Wise
76:31  He causes whom He pleases to enter His mercy, and for the unjust, He has already kept prepared a painful torment