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72:1  Say, `It has been revealed to me that a party of the jinn (- the non-Arab Jews of Nasibin, called Jinn because of their being strong, sharp and effective in affairs) listened (to the Qur'an), so they said (to their people on their return), "Surely, we have heard a wonderful Qur'an
72:2  "It guides towards righteousness, so we declare our faith in it. We shall no longer worship any god besides our Lord
72:3  "And the truth is that the Majesty of our Lord is exalted. He has taken to Himself no consort nor (has He begotten) a son
72:4  "And (we admit) that the foolish among us used to say many exaggerated and blasphemous things against Allah
72:5  "And (we acknowledge) that (we believed in them because) we never thought that men and jinn could ever possibly utter a lie about Allah
72:6  "The fact is that some humble and lowly men from among the common folk used to seek refuge with some (big and influential) men from among the jinns and (thus) they increased these (jinns) in arrogance (and conceit)
72:7  "These men (from the jinn) believed even as you believe that Allah would raise no one (as Messenger)
72:8  "And we (- the non-Arab Jews, the jinn who had listened to the Qur'an, as diviners and astrologers) had primarily sought to probe the secrets of space above but we found it teeming with strong guards and shooting stars (a phenomenon which generally occurs before the advent of a divine Reformer)
72:9  "And that we used to sit in some of the observatories to listen to something. But he that tries to listen (in order to forecast some event) now (with the advent of Islam) finds a shooting star in ambush for him
72:10  "(We confess that) we do not know whether evil is (hereby) augured for those who are on the earth or whether their Lord (thereby) intends to bestow right guidance for them
72:11  "And some of us are righteous and some of us are otherwise. We follow different ways
72:12  "And we have come to know for certain that we can never frustrate the purpose of Allah in the earth, nor can we escape Him by flight (in any direction)
72:13  "No sooner did we hear the guidance (contained in the Qur'an) than we believed in it. And he who believes in His Lord does not have to fear that his reward will be reduced or injustice will be (done to him)
72:14  "And some of us submit (to the will of God) while some of us are deviators (from the right course)".' (It has also been revealed to the Prophet that) those who submit (to God's commandments) are actually those who earnestly aim at the right way and find it out
72:15  And that the deviators from the right course are the fuel of Gehenna
72:16  And that if these (Makkan disbelievers) keep to the right path (and accept the divine Message) We will certainly provide them with abundant water (-wealth and other material benefits in the present life) to avail from
72:17  With the result that (in that case) We will thereby purify them thoroughly and well. And he who turns away from the remembrance of his Lord, He will drive him into an overwhelmingly stern punishment
72:18  And that the mosques are meant for (the worship of) Allah, so call on no one (therein) beside Allah
72:19  And when (- Muhammad) Allah's servant stands up calling to Him these (- disbelievers) crowd upon him, well nigh suffocating him (to stifle and smother his voice)
72:20  Say, `I invoke only my Lord and I associate no one with Him (as His partner).
72:21  Say, `I have no power to avoid either harm from you or to do some good to you.
72:22  Say, `Surely, none can grant me shelter against Allah if I disobey Him, nor can I find any refuge besides Him
72:23  `(My responsibility is), only to convey what is revealed (to me) from Allah and complete the mission of Prophethood.' And there awaits those who disobey Allah and His Messenger the Fire of Gehenna wherein they shall abide for a long time
72:24  (They will continue to oppose the Prophet) until they see that (punishment) they are threatened with. And soon they will know who is weaker in respect of helpers and less in numbers
72:25  Say, `I have no knowledge whether that (punishment) you are threatened with is near (at hand) or whether my Lord will fix a later term for it.
72:26  He alone knows the hidden (future) and He does not grant predominance to any one over His secrets
72:27  Except to him whom He chooses to be a Messenger (of His, to whom He frequently tells many news about the hidden future). (And when He does this) He orders an escort of (guarding angels) to go before him and behind him
72:28  That He may make it known (to the people) that they (- the Divine Messengers) have properly delivered the Messages of their Lord. He encompasses (in His knowledge) all that they have, and keeps count of all things