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72:1  Say, “It was revealed to me that persons among the jinn listened in, so they said, ‘We have heard a wondrous Quran.
72:2  It guides to maturity, so we have believed in it; and we will never associate with our Lord, anyone.
72:3  And surely Exalted is our Grandeur Lord, He never had taken a female friend, nor a son.
72:4  And surely our imbecile one was saying about Allah an enormity.
72:5  And surely, we had assumed that the humans and the jinn would never say a lie against Allah.
72:6  And surely there were men among the human incanting with men among the jinn, so they increased them an overstrain.
72:7  And they assumed, as you assumed, that Allah would never mission anyone.
72:8  And surely, we touched the sky, so we found it filled with stern guards and shooting flames.
72:9  And surely, we were sitting among it, seats for listening; so whoever listens now finds for him a shooting flame, Observatory.
72:10  And we do not cognize whether an evil is wanted with whoever on the earth, or their Lord wants with them maturity.
72:11  And among us are the righteous, and among us are less than that; we were divergent modalities.
72:12  And surely, we have assumed that we will never disable Allah on the earth, nor can we disable Him by escaping.
72:13  And when we heard the guidance, we believed in it. So, whoever believes in his Lord, So he will neither fear deprivation, nor overstrain.
72:14  And surely among us are the submitting (Muslims), and among us are the inequities. So, whoever has submitted, so those have sought maturity.
72:15  And as for the inequities, so they were for Gohanam (Hell), a firewood.
72:16  And if they straighten upon the modality, We would be watering them with delicious plentiful water.
72:17  To infatuate them within it. And whoever turns away from his Lord’s reminder, He will insert him into escalating torment.
72:18  And surely Al-Masajid (Mosques) are for Allah. So do not call, with Allah, anyone.
72:19  And when Allah’s slave stood up calling Him, they almost were against him, accumulated in abundance."
72:20  Say, “I only call my Lord, and I never associate with Him, anyone.”
72:21  Say, “I do not own for you a harm, nor a maturity.”
72:22  Say, “Surely no one will shield me from Allah, and I will not find without Him a safeguarding.
72:23  Except a notification from Allah and His messages. And whoever disobeys Allah and His Messenger, so surely, for him is Gohanam Fire, immortals therein forever.
72:24  Until, if they saw what they were promised, So they will know who are weaker victorious, and fewer in numbers.
72:25  Say, “I do not cognize whether what you are promised is near, or whether my Lord will set up for it, duration.”
72:26  The Unseen’s Knower; He does not disclose upon His Unseen, anyone.
72:27  Except whoever He satisfied among a Messenger. So He inserts from between his hands and from behind him an Observatory.
72:28  To know that they have notified their Lord’s messages. And He encompasses with what they have and has enumerated everything in numbers.