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72:1  Saysg, “It was revealed to me that a band of unseen beings listened in and said, ‘Indeed, we have heard a wondrous Recital
72:2  that guides to prudence, so we have come to believe in it, and we will never associate anyone with our Lord.
72:3  And that most high is the Grandeur of our Lord—He never took a female companion nor a child.
72:4  And that our fool used to speak untruthfully about Allah.
72:5  And that we thought that humans and unseen beings would never say a lie about Allah.
72:6  And that certain men among humans used to seek refuge in certain men among the unseen beings, but they only increased them in confusion.
72:7  And that they thought, as youpl thought, that Allah would never resurrect anyone.
72:8  And that we sought to reach the heaven and found it filled with stern guards and meteors.
72:9  And that we used to take up positions to listen in, but whoever listens now finds a meteor in wait for him.
72:10  And that we do not know whether ill has been desired for those on earth, or if their Lord has desired prudence for them.
72:11  And that some of us are righteous, but some of us are less than that: we have been following divergent roads.
72:12  And that we realized that we cannot thwart Allah on earth, nor can we thwart Him by fleeing.
72:13  And that when we heard the guidance we believed in it, for whoever believes in his Lord fears neither loss nor confusion.
72:14  And that among us are Muslims and among us are those who swerve from justice, so whoever has become Muslim—it is they who have pursued prudence.
72:15  But as for those who swerve from justice—they have become firewood for Hell.’”
72:16  But had they gone straight on the right mode (of life), We would have given them plenty of water to drink,
72:17  so as to test them with it. And whoever disregards the remembrance of his Lord—He will insert him into a mounting punishment.
72:18  And (say) that mosques belong to Allah, so do not call upon anyone along with Allah.
72:19  And that when the servant of Allah got up, calling upon Him (in prayers), they almost fell on him in a mass.
72:20  Say, “Indeed, I pray only to my Lord, and I never associate anyone with Him.”
72:21  Saysg, “Indeed, I possess for you pl neither harm nor prudence.”
72:22  Saysg, “Indeed, no one can protect me from Allah, and I will not find any refuge except with Him.
72:23  (I have nothing) except for a proclamation from Allah and His messages, and whoever disobeys Allah and His Messenger—for him is the fire of Hell, abiding therein forever.
72:24  Only when they see what they are promised, will they then know who has weaker helpers and is fewer in numbers.
72:25  Saysg, “I do not know whether what youpl are promised is near, or whether my Lord will extend it for a period.
72:26  The Knower of the hidden realm—so He does not disclose His hidden realm to anyone
72:27  except to a Messenger of His choosing, for He then dispatches guards before him and behind him,
72:28  that He may know that they have compiled and proclaimed the messages of their Lord. But He has encompassed what they have, and has tallied everything by number.”