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72:1  Say Prophet: “It was revealed to me that a group of jinn listened to the Quran and said to their people, ‘We heard an amazing recitation,
72:2  which guides to the right path and we believed it, and will not associate anyone with Our Lord.’
72:3  ‘Our Lord’s majesty is exalted and He hasn’t taken a wife nor a child,
72:4  as some fools claimed such an outrageous lie against Allah.
72:5  We never thought human beings and jinn would utter such lies against Allah.
72:6  ‘Men used to seek protection from male jinn, but all they have done is increased them in evil practices,
72:7  and they believed as you believed that Allah will not resurrect anyone.
72:8  When we snooped at the secrets of the sky, we found it was full of powerful guards and comets.
72:9  We sat in there waiting to eavesdrop, but now whoever listens in will have comets lying in wait for him.
72:10  So we don’t know whether it is evil that is intended for those on Earth, or if their Lord wishes to guide them.
72:11  Some of us righteous and others not so, we follow many different paths,
72:12  and we know we won’t frustrate Allah on the Earth, nor manage to run away from Him.
72:13  ‘When we heard the guidance, we instantly believed it, and whoever believes in His Lord need not fear loss nor oppression.
72:14  Some of us have submitted, and others are unjust. So the one who submits to Him, has received true guidance
72:15  The unjust shall be fuel for Hell.’”
72:16  Had they remained steadfast on the straight path, We would have given them plenty of water to drink,
72:17  so that We could test them regarding it. Whoever turns away from his Lord’s remembrance, He will thrust him into ever-increasing difficulties.
72:18  The places of worship are for Allah, so don’t worship anyone beside Allah.
72:19  When the servant of Allah stood up to worship Him, they packed around him in crowds
72:20  Say: “I worship my Lord, and I don’t associate anyone with Him.”
72:21  Say: “I have no control over hurting or benefiting you.”
72:22  Say: “No one will save me from Allah, nor will I find a refuge beside Him;
72:23  my mission is only to deliver His Messages. Whoever disobeys Allah and His Messenger will be in the fire of Hell forever.”
72:24  Eventually, when they see what they are promised, they will instantly know who is the weakest helper and the smallest in number.
72:25  Say: “I don’t know whether the scourage you are promised is near, or if My Lord has postponed it
72:26  He is the Knower of the unseen and doesn’t reveal His secrets to anyone,
72:27  except the messengers of His choosing. To protect the messengers, He sends guardians who walk in front and behind them,
72:28  to ensure they can freely deliver the messages of their Lord. Allah knows what they have, and He keeps an exact count of all things.