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72:1  Say, "It has been revealed to me that a group of jinn listened in and said, 'We have heard an amazing Recitation.
72:2  It guides to righteousness, and we have believed it: We will never assign divinity to anyone except our Lord.
72:3  And exalted be the glory of our Lord! He never had a spouse nor a child.
72:4  But the fools among us had been saying outrageous things about God
72:5  although we had thought that no human or jinn would dare tell a lie about God.
72:6  Some individual humans used to seek power through some individual jinn, but they [the jinn] only increased their confusion.
72:7  And they thought, as you thought, that God would not send anyone [as a messenger].
72:8  We as usual probed heaven [in search of news], and found it filled with fierce guards and projectiles.
72:9  We used to take up certain positions to listen in; but anyone trying to listen now finds a projectile in wait for him.
72:10  We do not know therefore whether ill is intended for those on earth, or whether their Lord intends to guide them.
72:11  Some of us are righteous, but others are less so; we follow different paths.
72:12  And we have come to realize that we can never evade God living on earth, nor can we evade Him by escaping [from life].
72:13  So when we heard this call to guidance, we believed in it. Whoever believes in his Lord will no longer fear the burden of life or injustice.
72:14  Some of us submitted to God, while others are transgressors. Those who submitted have sought out right guidance.
72:15  As for the transgressors, they will be firewood for Hell.
72:16  Had [your people] kept true to the path, We would have given them abundant drinking water supply,
72:17  a test for them. Whoever turns away from remembering to call on his Lord will be put into an arduous punishment.
72:18  Places of worship are for God. So do not call on anyone else besides God.
72:19  Yet when God's servant stood up calling on Him, they [the unbelievers] overwhelmed him with their crowds."
72:20  Say, "I only call on my Lord and I never associate anyone with Him."
72:21  Say, "It is not in my power to harm you, nor to guide you rightly."
72:22  Say, "No one can protect me from God, and I will never find any refuge except in Him".
72:23  I only deliver what I receive from God and His messages.He who disobeys God and His Messenger, will have the fire of Hell where they will be forever,
72:24  until they see that which they were promised and they will know who has less support and are fewer in number.
72:25  Say, "I do not know whether what you are promised will happen soon or whether it will be delayed by my Lord for a period."
72:26  He alone knows what is beyond our perception, and He doesn't disclose His knowledge of the unseen to anyone,
72:27  except to a Messenger of His choosing. He then dispatches guards before him and behind him.
72:28  That he may know that they have conveyed the messages of their Lord. He encompasses what they have, and has counted everything by number.