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72:1  Say, "It has been to me that listened a group of the jinn, and they said, "Indeed, we heard a Quran amazing
72:2  It guides to the right way, so we believe in it, and never we will associate with our Lord anyone
72:3  And that He - Exalted is (the) Majesty (of) our Lord - not He has taken a wife and not a son
72:4  And that he used to speak - the foolish among us against Allah an excessive transgression
72:5  And that we thought that never will say the men and the jinn, against Allah any lie
72:6  And that (there) were men among mankind who sought refuge in (the) men from the jinn, so they increased them (in) burden
72:7  And that they thought as you thought that never will raise Allah anyone
72:8  And that we sought to touch the heaven but we found it filled (with) guards severe, and flaming fires
72:9  And that we used to sit there in positions for hearing, but (he) who listens now will find for him a flaming fire waiting
72:10  And that we - not we know whether evil is intended for (those) who (are) in the earth or intends for them their Lord a right path
72:11  And that [we] among us (are) the righteous and among us (are) other than that. We (are on) ways different
72:12  And that we [we] have become certain that never we will cause failure (to) Allah in the earth and never we can escape Him (by) flight
72:13  And that [we] when we heard the Guidance we believed in it. And whoever believes in his Lord, then not he will fear any loss and not any burden
72:14  And that we, among us (are) those-who-submit/Muslims and among us (are) unjust. And whoever submits, then those have sought (the) right path
72:15  And as for the unjust, they will be, for Hell, firewood.
72:16  And that if they had remained on the Way, surely We (would) have given t water (in) abundance
72:17  That We might test them therein. And whoever turns away from the Remembrance (of) his Lord, He will make him enter a punishment severe
72:18  And that the masajid (are) for Allah, so (do) not call with Allah anyone
72:19  And that when stood up (the) slave (of) Allah calling (upon) Him, they almost became around him a compacted mass
72:20  Say, "Only I call upon my Lord, and not I associate with Him anyone.
72:21  Say, "Indeed, I (do) not possess for you any harm and not right path.
72:22  Say, "Indeed I, never can protect me from Allah anyone, and never can I find from besides Him any refuge
72:23  But (the) notification from Allah and His Messages." And whoever disobeys Allah and His Messenger, then indeed, for him (is the) Fire (of) Hell, (they will) abide therein forever
72:24  Until, when they see what they are promised, then they will know who (is) weaker (in) helpers and fewer (in) number
72:25  Say, "Not I know whether is near what you are promised or (whether) will appoint for it my Lord a (distant) term
72:26  (The) All-Knower (of) the unseen, so not He reveals from His unseen (to) anyone
72:27  Except whom He has approved of a Messenger, and indeed, He makes to march from before him and from behind him a guard
72:28  That He may make evident that indeed, they have conveyed (the) Messages (of) their Lord; and He has encompassed what (is) with them and He takes account (of) all things (in) number.