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72:1  Say: ´It has been revealed to me that a band of the jinn listened and said, "We have heard a most amazing Recitation.
72:2  It leads to right guidance so we have iman in it and will not associate anyone with our Lord.
72:3  He — exalted be the Majesty of our Lord ! — has neither wife nor son.
72:4  The fools among us have uttered a vile slander against Allah.
72:5  We did not think it possible for either man or jinn to tell a lie against Allah.
72:6  Certain men from among mankind used to seek refuge with certain men from among the jinn but they increased them in wickedness.
72:7  They thought — as you also think — that Allah would never raise up anyone.
72:8  We tried, as usual, to travel to heaven in search of news but found it filled with fierce guards and meteors.
72:9  We used to sit there on special seats to listen in. But anyone listening now finds a fiery meteor in wait for him.
72:10  We have no idea whether evil is intended for those on the earth, or whether their Lord intends them to be rightly guided.
72:11  Among us there are some who are righteous and some who are other than that. We follow many different paths.
72:12  We realised we would never thwart Allah on earth and would never thwart Him by flight,
72:13  and when we heard the guidance, we had iman in it. Anyone who has iman in his Lord need fear neither belittlement nor tyranny.
72:14  Some of us are Muslims and some are deviators. Those who have become Muslim are those who sought right guidance;
72:15  the deviators will be firewood for Hellfire."´
72:16  If only they were to go straight on the Path, We would give them abundant water to drink
72:17  so that We could test them by it. Whoever turns aside from the remembrance of his Lord, He will introduce him to an arduous punishment.
72:18  All mosques belong to Allah so do not call on anyone else besides Allah.
72:19  When the slave of Allah stands calling on Him, they almost swarm all over him.
72:20  Say: ´I call only upon my Lord and do not associate anyone else with Him.´
72:21  Say: ´I possess no power to do you harm or to guide you right.´
72:22  Say: ´No one can protect me from Allah and I will never find any refuge apart from Him —
72:23  only in transmitting from Allah and His Messages. As for him who disobeys Allah and His Messenger, he will have the Fire of Hell, remaining in it timelessly, for ever and ever.´
72:24  So that when they see what they were promised, they will know who has less support and smaller numbers.
72:25  Say: ´I do not know whether what you are promised is close or whether my Lord will appoint a longer time before it.´
72:26  He is the Knower of the Unseen, and does not divulge His Unseen to anyone —
72:27  except a Messenger with whom He is well pleased, and then He posts sentinels before him and behind him,
72:28  so that He may know that they have indeed transmitted the Messages of their Lord. He encompasses what is in their hands and has counted the exact number of everything.