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72:1  SAY: "It has been revealed to me that a band of sprites sat listening, and then said: ´We have heard a wonderful Reading
72:2  guiding [people] to normal behavior, so we have believed in it. Not one of us will ever associate anyone else with our Lord.
72:3  Our Lord´s excellence must be exalted! He has taken no consort nor any son.
72:4  Some fool among us has been saying outrageous things about God.
72:5  We thought that no human being nor any sprite would ever tell a lie about God!´
72:6  "Once human men used to take refuge with men from the sprites and it made them even more pretentious.
72:7  They thought, just as you have supposed, that God will never send anyone up again.
72:8  "We reached out for Heaven and found it staffed with stern guards and shooting stars.
72:9  We used to squat in some of its seats to listen, though anyone who eavesdrops now finds a shooting star lurking there for him.
72:10  We do not know whether evil is intended for anyone on earth, or their Lord wants integrity for them.
72:11  Some of us are honorable while others of us are quite the opposite of that: we [travel] along such diverse routes.
72:12  "We supposed we would never escape God on earth, and we shall never escape Him by fleeing.
72:13  When we heard about guidance, we trusted it. Anyone who trusts in his Lord needs not fear about being undersold nor caught short.
72:14  Some of us are Muslims while others of us are [still] holding back. Those who have committed themselves to (live in) peace are dedicated to integrity;
72:15  while those who hold back will become kindling for Hell."
72:16  If they would only keep straight along the highway, We will let them drink plenty of water
72:17  so We may test them by means of it; while it will lead anyone away to mounting torment who avoids mentioning his Lord.
72:18  Mosques belong to God, so do not appeal to anyone besides God (in them).
72:19  Yet whenever God´s servant stood up to appeal to Him, they almost crowded in upon him!
72:20  SAY: "I appeal only to my Lord and never associate anyone else [in my worship of] Him."
72:21  SAY: "I do not control any harm for you nor any integrity."
72:22  SAY: "No one grants protection from God nor will I ever find any sanctuary besides that in Him
72:23  except through a decree from God, and in His message. Anyone who defies God and His messenger will have Hell fire to live in for ever
72:24  until once they see what they have been promised, they will realize who has the weakest supporter and are fewest in numbers."
72:25  SAY: "If I only knew whether what you are promised is near, or whether my Lord has set a grace period for it;
72:26  Knowing the Unseen, He never discloses his Unseen [secrets] to anyone
72:27  except for some messenger whom He approves of. He leads him off with an escort both before him and behind him
72:28  so He may know that they have delivered their Lord´s messages. He embraces anything that lies in their prescnce, and calculates everything by means of numbers."