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72:1  Say: ‘It has been revealed to me that a party of the jinn listened to (my recitation) carefully and then (went back to their people and) said: Surely, we have heard a wonderful Qur’an
72:2  It shows the path of guidance. So we have believed in it and will never set up any partner with our Lord
72:3  And that exalted is the Glory of our Lord. He has taken for Himself neither any wife nor any children
72:4  And that only a fool from amongst us used to utter things about Allah far from the truth, crossing bounds
72:5  And that we thought that man and jinn would never tell a lie against Allah
72:6  And that some of the men used to take shelter with some of the jinn. So they increased defiance amongst the jinn
72:7  And, (O party of jinn,) those men also thought just as you thought that Allah would never raise up anyone (after death)
72:8  And that we touched the heavens and found them filled with high-alert guards and stars shining and burning (like brands)
72:9  And that we used to sit on certain seats (in the heavens previously, to listen to the news), but if someone now seeks to listen, then he will find a flame of fire (waiting) for him in ambush
72:10  And that we do not know whether some evil has been intended (by our restriction) in respect of those people who are in the earth, or their Lord intends some good for them
72:11  And that amongst us are some who are pious and there are also some (evil) exceptions amongst us. We were (following) different ways
72:12  And we have ascertained that we can by no means come in the way of Allah (whilst living) in the earth, nor can we thwart Him by escaping (from the earth)
72:13  And that when we listened to (the Book of) Guidance, we believed in it. Then he who believes in his Lord fears neither loss nor injustice
72:14  And that (some) of us are obedient and (some) of us are wrongdoers as well. So he who becomes obedient, it is they who seek righteousness
72:15  And as for the wrongdoers, they will be the fuel of Hell.
72:16  And this (Revelation has also come to me) that if they had remained firm on the right path (the path of truth, the path of the remembrance of Allah), then We would have provided them with abundant water
72:17  So that We put them to trial by this blessing. And whoever turns away from the remembrance of his Lord, He will cause him to enter a severe torment
72:18  And that mosques are (specified) for Allah alone. So never worship anyone else besides Allah
72:19  And that when the servant of Allah (Muhammad [blessings and peace be upon him]) stood up to worship Him, they thronged around him (to listen to his recitation)
72:20  Say: ‘I worship only my Lord and do not associate any partner with Him.
72:21  Say: ‘I do not possess any power to do you harm (i.e., make you disbelieve) or to do you good (i.e., make you believe. So Allah is the real Lord. I am a mediator and means).
72:22  Say: ‘Neither can anyone shelter me from a torment (against the command) of Allah, nor can I ever find refuge apart from Him
72:23  But (my responsibility is) to communicate from Allah His commands and messages. And whoever disobeys Allah and His Messenger (blessings and peace be upon him), surely there is for him the Fire of Hell in which they will live forever.
72:24  Until, when they will see that torment which is being promised to them, (then) they will come to know who is weaker in helpers and fewer in numbers
72:25  Say: ‘I do not know whether that (Day of Rising) which is being promised to you is near, or my Lord has appointed a longer term for that.
72:26  (He is) the Knower of the unseen. So He does not inform any (common man) of His unseen
72:27  Except for His Messengers with whom He is well-pleased (and reveals to them alone the unseen because that is an exclusive trait of Prophethood and a Messenger’s miracle as well). So indeed He appoints protectors at both front and rear of him (the Messenger, for the security of the knowledge of the unseen)
72:28  So that Allah may bring to light that surely they (the Messengers) have communicated the messages of their Lord, and Allah has (already) encompassed what they have (of Allah’s injunctions and the knowledge of the unseen) and He has kept count of everything