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72:1  Say, "It has been revealed to me that a batch of the jinn listened; then they said, Surely we have heard a wondrous Qur'an
72:2  Guiding to right-mindedness; so we believe in it, and we will never associate with our Lord anyone
72:3  And (we believe) that He-Supremely Exalted be our Lord's Dignity- in no way has He taken to Him either a female companion or a child
72:4  And that the foolish (ones) among us used to speak against Allah unjudiciously
72:5  And that we surmised that humankind and the jinn would never speak against Allah a lie
72:6  And that (certain) men of the humankind used to take refuge with (certain) men of the jinn; so they increased them in oppression
72:7  And that they surmised, as you (The pronoun is plural) also surmised, that Allah would never make anyone to rise again
72:8  And that we contacted the heaven, yet we found it filled with very strict guards and flaming (meteors)
72:9  And that we used to sit (there) on seats for (over)hearing; yet whoever listens now finds a flaming (meteor) (closely) observing him
72:10  And that we do not realize whether evil is willed for whoever are in the earth, or whether their Lord wills for them rectitude
72:11  And that among us are the righteous, and among us are lesser than that; (i.e., besides that) we have been of discrete roads
72:12  And that we surmised that we can never defy Allah in the earth, and we can never defy Him by escaping
72:13  And that as soon as we heard the guidance, we believed in it; so whoever believes in his Lord, then he fears neither depreciation nor oppression
72:14  And that among us are the Muslims, and among us are the inequitable. So whoever have surrendered (to Allah), then those are they who earnestly sought rectitude
72:15  And as for the inequitable, then they are firewood for Hell."
72:16  And that if they had gone straight on the right mode (of life), indeed We would have made them to drink copious water
72:17  That We may tempt them therein; and whoever veers away from the Remembrance of his Lord, He will insert him into a mounting torment
72:18  And that the mosques belong to Allah; so do not invoke, along with Allah, anyone
72:19  And that as soon as the bondman of Allah rose up invoking Him, they almost densely packed upon him
72:20  Say, "Surely I invoke only my Lord, and I do not associate with Him anyone."
72:21  Say, "Surely I possess (no power) over you, either for harm or for rectitude."
72:22  Say, "Surely never can anyone give me neighborly (protection) from Allah, and never can I find, apart from Him, any shielding
72:23  Excepting a proclamation from Allah and His Messages. And whoever disobeys Allah and His Messenger, then surely for him is the Fire of Hell. They are eternally (abiding) therein forever
72:24  Until, when they see that which they are promised, then they will soon know who is weaker in vindicators and fewer in numbers."
72:25  Say, "Decidedly, I do not realize whether that which you are promised is near or even whether my Lord will set for it a (distant) span
72:26  (He is) The Knower of the Unseen, so He does not disclose His Unseen to anyone
72:27  Excepting to such a Messenger as He is Divinely Satisfied with. Then surely He dispatches (Literally: between his two hands) before (Literally: inserts) him and behind him observers
72:28  That He may know they have already proclaimed the Messages of their Lord. And He has encompassed (all) that is closely (kept) with them, and He has enumerated everything in numbers."