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72:1  Say to the people: " I have been inspired by Allah that a certain number of the Jinn listened to the recital of the sacred revelations and said: "we have heard an exceptional Quran"
72:2  "It guides to the path of righteousness and impresses the image of virtue upon the hearts, that it prompted giving credence to it and holding it as true, and never shall we incorporate with Allah, our Creator, anyone else "
72:3  "Exalted be He Who is far above all and beyond all comprehension. Never did He take a wife nor did He beget a son"
72:4  "Now we realize that AL-Shaytan (Satan) and the satanic among us have related to Allah defiant impiety and took delight in portraying falsehood"
72:5  "Nor could we conceive that among the men and the Jinn there would be those who are that wicked as to relate to Allah falsehood"
72:6  "We found that some men among mankind used to plead earnestly to some men among the Jinn for averting evil, but instead, the Jinn inflicted them with material harm and made them shudder with horror and with fear and dread which dwelt without an end"
72:7  "The evil among us -the Jinn- thought as did the evil among mankind that Allah would not send another Messenger anymore nor would He effect resurrection
72:8  "We touched the lower heaven but we found it filled with stern guards and fiery celestial bodies"
72:9  "Long did we sit peering deep into heaven to spy what is being said or discussed in the heaven's realm. But now he of us who endeavours to pry into the realm is followed by a fiery celestial body and suffers annihilation"
72:10  "Nevertheless we do not know whether those domiciled on earth are destined to suffer or Allah will impress upon their hearts His divine influence which operates in men to regenerate and sanctify and to impart strength to endure trial and resist temptation"
72:11  "Yet among us -the Jinn- are those who are righteous, acting rightly and justly and those proceeding in different directions from that ordained by Allah"
72:12  "We have realized that we will never be able to defeat Allah nor frustrate Him had we escaped"
72:13  "And when we heard the Quran We gave credence to it and held it as true and realized that he who accepts Allah, his Creator, and believes in Him suffers no loss nor injustice"
72:14  "Among us -the Jinn- are those who have surrendered themselves to Allah and others who deviated from what is just and right". "and those who have submitted to Allah have in effect sought the path of safety and righteousness, the path which pleases Allah and invites His mercy on their souls"
72:15  Those who swerve from the path of righteousness have been destined to be the fuel for Hell
72:16  Had they - the Pagans - followed the path of rectitude, We would have blessed them, and heaven would have prospered them with an abundance of rain mixed with blessings, spiritual, moral and material means of sustenance
72:17  But We would have also used these blessings to test and try their beliefs and their true inclination and he who falls short of remembering Allah his Creator, will Allah subject him to distressing and condign punishment
72:18  Mosques belong solely to Allah, therefore, invoke no one ever with Allah
72:19  When the Messenger invoked Allah and recited the Quran, the Pagans among mankind and the Jinn beset him on all sides to suppress the flow of the new faith
72:20  Say to them: "I only invoke Allah, my Creator, with whom I incorporate none"
72:21  Tell them: "It is not within my power to afflict you with harm nor can I steer your mental consent to accept the Faith on the ground of authority"
72:22  Say to them: "No one can avert Allah's wrath on me if I fail to proclaim the Divine message, nor will I find besides Him anyone to afford me refuge"
72:23  "But I can only submit to you the facts revealed by Allah and deliver to you His Divine Message, and he who disobeys Allah and His Messenger shall suffer Hell wherein he and such persons shall remain forever"
72:24  And when it is the Day to see what has been promised, there and then shall they realize who has hardly any help to offer and has the least force of numbers
72:25  Say to them: "I do not know whether the promised Day of Judgment is close at hand or Allah has ordained that it be remote in time"
72:26  "He -Allah- alone knows the unknown and realizes the unseen and He keeps what is beyond human comprehension and imparts the knowledge thereof to no one"
72:27  " Except to a Messenger whom He chooses and then He besets him on all sides with guardian angels to protect him and protect the Book with which He has put him in trust"
72:28  But Allah would know whether His Messengers have proclaimed their Creator's messages or they did not and He knows well what is within them and what is without; He has computed everything in a determinate number