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50:1  Qaf. By the Majestic Quran.
50:2  How is it that they are surprised that a warner has come from among them? The disbelievers say, “This is a strange thing!
50:3  When we are dead and turned into dust will we be returned; a far-fetched idea.”
50:4  Indeed, We know what the Earth consumes of their bodies. We have a Book in which everything is carefully recorded.
50:5  In fact, they denied the truth when it came to them because they are confused
50:6  Haven’t they looked at the sky above them, how We made it beautiful and flawless,
50:7  and the earth how We spread it out and firmly set mountains on it, and produced all kinds of beneficial plants there?
50:8  They offer an insightful lesson and a reminder for every human being who willingly turns to Allah.
50:9  And how We sent down blessed water from the sky, and with it We grow gardens and crops that are harvested,
50:10  and tall palm trees loaded with clusters of dates –
50:11  a sustenance for people, and that is how We bring a dead place back to life with rain. The coming out of graves will be like that too
50:12  Previously the truth was denied by the people of Nuh, the Rass, Thamud,
50:13  Ad, Pharaoh and the brothers of Lut,
50:14  the people of Iekah and Tubba. All of them denied the messengers, and so what they were threatened with actually happened to them.
50:15  Has the first creation tired Us out? Not at all, but they are doubtful about the possibility of a new creation
50:16  We created humans, and know exactly what their desires urge them to do; in fact, We are nearer to them than their jugular vein.
50:17  When the two recording angels, one sitting on their right and the other on their left, record.
50:18  Not a word they speak goes unrecorded by a vigilant observer.
50:19  Death throes will bring the truth with it: “This is what you tried to escape.”
50:20  The Trumpet will be blown; that is the Day you were warned about.
50:21  Everyone will be escorted by an angel and a witness.
50:22  They will be told:You paid no attention to this Day, and We removed your veil, so today your sight is razor-sharp.”
50:23  Their lifelong companion will say, “I prepared, this file of yours.
50:24  “Throw him into Hell, every rebellious disbeliever,
50:25  everyone who obstructed others from good, every aggressor, every doubter
50:26  who had set up other gods with Allah. So throw him into the terrible punishment.”
50:27  His devil companion will say, “Our Lord, I didn’t lead him to evil; he had already gone far astray.”
50:28  Allah will say to them, “Do not squabble in My presence; I sent you a warning.
50:29  My Word does not change, and I am not unjust to any creature.”
50:30  Remember the Day I shall ask Hell, “Are you full?” It will reply, “Are there more?
50:31  Paradise will be brought near the righteous; it won’t be far away from them.
50:32  This is what you were promised; it is for the one who turned to Allah, and was ever mindful of Him.
50:33  The one who feared Al-Rahman without ever seeing Him and came with a devout heart,
50:34  he shall be told: “Enter Paradise peacefully, for this is the Everlasting Day.”
50:35  They will have anything they want there, and We will have much more for them
50:36  We destroyed people in the past who were far stronger than them; they used to travel everywhere – did they escape?
50:37  In this is a reminder for anyone who has a heart, or listens attentively.
50:38  We created the Heavens and the Earth and what lies between them in six days only, and We were not tired.
50:39  So bear patiently what they say. Glorify and praise your Lord before the sunrise and sunset,
50:40  and during the night, and glorify him after the set prayers too
50:41  Listen carefully about the Day when the caller from nearby will call out,
50:42  when people hear a Blast. That shall be the Day of the coming out of graves.
50:43  We give life and death, and the Final Return will be to Us.
50:44  The Day when the Earth will split open, letting them rush out, that gathering will be easy for Us.
50:45  We know well what they say, and you can’t force them to believe. So keep reminding through the Quran anyone who fears My Warning