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49:1  Believers, do not put yourselves ahead of Allah and His Messenger; be fearful of Allah. Indeed, Allah is the Hearer, the Knower.
49:2  Believers, don’t raise your voices above the voice of the Prophet, nor talk loudly with him as you might talk loudly with each other, your deeds will be ruined without you knowing.
49:3  Those who lower their voices in the presence of the Messenger of Allah are the ones whose hearts Allah has selected for piety. Forgiveness and a great reward awaits them.
49:4  Most of those who called out to you from outside your home don’t understand.
49:5  It would have been far better for them had they waited patiently till you came out. Allah is Forgiving, Caring
49:6  Believers, if a discredited person brings you news, then check it in case you cause harm to others ignorantly, and then later regret what you did.
49:7  Remember, the Messenger of Allah is among you. If he frequently followed your wishes then you would suffer badly; however, Allah has made faith beloved and highly attractive for your hearts, and made disbelief, sin and disobedience dislikeable to you. These are the rightly guided,
49:8  given grace as a gift from Allah, the Knower, Wise
49:9  If two groups of believers fight, then you must make peace between them. If one of them is unjust to the other, then fight the unjust until he accepts Allah’s judgement. If he accepts it then make peace between them fairly, and be just. Indeed, Allah loves the just.
49:10  The believers are brothers, so make peace between your two brothers; be mindful of Allah so you might be cared for
49:11  Believers! Let no man make fun of another, he might be better than him; no woman should make fun of other women, they may be better than them; nor speak ill, nor use offensive nicknames for one another. How bad it is to be called “a trouble maker,” after accepting faith. Those who don’t turn away from such behaviour are wicked
49:12  Believers, do not be suspicious, since some suspicions are sins. Neither spy on one another nor backbite about each other. Would anyone of you like to eat the meat of his dead brother? Never! You would hate it. So be fearful of Allah. Allah is indeed Forgiving, Caring
49:13  People, We created you from a male and female; then made you into different races and tribes so you may know each other. The most honourable in the sight of Allah is the most mindful of Allah, the Knower, the Aware
49:14  The Bedouins say, “We believe,” tell them: “You haven’t believed yet, you should say, ‘We have surrendered’.” Faith hasn’t fully entered their hearts. Had they obeyed Allah and His Messenger, none of their deeds would be lost. Indeed, Allah is Forgiving, the Caring.
49:15  The true believers are those who believed in Allah and His Messenger, and have no doubts. They strive with their wealth and their lives in Allah’s way. They are the truthful.
49:16  Are you teaching Allah your religion? Allah knows what is in the Heavens and the Earth; Allah knows all things.
49:17  They think they have done you a favour by embracing Islam; say: “By embracing Islam you haven’t done me any favour; in fact Allah has done you a favour. He has guided you to the faith, if you are true in faith.”
49:18  Allah knows the secrets of Heaven and the Earth, and Allah sees all you do