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86:1  By the firmament and the night-visitant.
86:2  And what do you know about what the night-visitant is?
86:3  It is the penetrating star.
86:4  There is no soul except that there is a keeper over it.
86:5  Then let the human being look at that from which he was created.
86:6  He was created from a flowing liquid,
86:7  coming out from between the backbone and the ribs.
86:8  Indeed Allah most certainly is able to bring him back.
86:9  The day when all the secrets will be put on trial.
86:10  Then there will be no power for him nor a helper.
86:11  By the firmament possessor of the rain,
86:12  and by the earth possessor of the sprouts,
86:13  Truly it most certainly is a word most decisive.
86:14  And it in no way is a jest.
86:15  Indeed they are plotting a plot.
86:16  And I plot a plot.
86:17  Therefore grant the disbelievers a respite and [O prophet] gently give them a respite.