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86:1  By the sky and the night visitor –
86:2  what can explain the night visitor to you?
86:3  A piercing comet.
86:4  There is a keeper over every person.
86:5  Let humans look at what they were created from;
86:6  they were created from spurted semen
86:7  that comes from bodily organs in the torso
86:8  Allah is fully able to return them to life,
86:9  on the Day when secrets will be exposed;
86:10  they won’t have any power and no helper.
86:11  By the sky and its repeated rain cycle,
86:12  and the Earth splitting open with new growth.
86:13  Indeed, this Majestic Quran is a decisive speech;
86:14  no joking matter.
86:15  They are continually plotting,
86:16  and I have a plan too.
86:17  Messenger, put up with the disbelievers; let them off for a short while