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86:1  By the heaven and that which comes at night
86:2  What enables you to perceive what it is that comes at night
86:3  It is the bright piercing star
86:4  There is not a soul but over it is a guardian
86:5  Let human, then, consider from what he has been created
86:6  He has been created from some of a lowly fluid gushing forth
86:7  It proceeds (as a result of incitement) between the (lumbar zone in the) vertebra and the ribs
86:8  Surely He (Who has created human from a lowly fluid) is able to restore him (to life after his death
86:9  On the Day when all things (that remained or were kept) secret will be made manifest
86:10  And he will have no power, nor a helper (against God’s punishment)
86:11  I swear by the heaven ever-revolving (with whatever is in it and recurring patterns of rainfall)
86:12  And by the earth, bursting (with the growth of plants)
86:13  Surely it (the Qur’an) is a decisive Word distinguishing (between truth and falsehood)
86:14  It is not (a word) in jest
86:15  They (who reject it) are busy making schemes
86:16  And I am "making a scheme."
86:17  So let the unbelievers remain at will; let them continue to remain at will for a little while