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86:1  By the sky and the night visitor..
86:2  "Ah, what wil tell you what the night visitor is?"
86:3  The star of piercing brightness
86:4  There is no soul without a guardian watching over it
86:5  So let the human think about what he is created out of
86:6  He is created from a gushing flui
86:7  which emerges from between the backbone adn the breast
86:8  Surely He is Able to bring him back (to life)
86:9  "on the Day when the secrets will be made known,"
86:10  he will have no strength or helper
86:11  "By the heavens which return (hte rain),"
86:12  "and the earth which splits (as the plants sprout through),"
86:13  surely this (Qur??n) is a decisive Word
86:14  it is not a joke
86:15  "They are plotting (against you, Mu?ammad),"
86:16  and I (too) am plotting
86:17  So give the unbelievers a break; be easy on them for a while