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86:1  By the heavens and al-tariq
86:2  Do you know what al-tariq is
86:3  (It is a nightly radiant star)
86:4  There is no soul which is not guarded (by the two angels who record all of its deeds)
86:5  Let the human being reflect that from what he has been created
86:6  He has been created from an ejected drop of flui
86:7  which comes out of the loins and ribs
86:8  God has all power to resurrect him
86:9  On the day when all secrets will be made public
86:10  he will have no power, nor anyone to help him
86:11  By the rotating heaven
86:12  and the replenishing earth
86:13  the Quran is the final word
86:14  and it is certainly not a jest
86:15  They (disbelievers) plot every evil plan
86:16  but I too plan against them
86:17  Give respite to the disbelievers and leave them alone for a while