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75:1  I swear by the Day of Resurrection
75:2  And I swear by the self-accusing human soul
75:3  Does human think that We will never assemble his bones (to resurrect him)
75:4  Yes indeed, We are able to make whole his very fingertips
75:5  But human (by willful choice) denies what lies ahead of him (the other life, because he desires to live only as he pleases)
75:6  He asks: "When is the Day of Resurrection?"
75:7  When the eyesight is confounded (through fear)
75:8  And the moon is darkened
75:9  And the sun and the moon are joined together
75:10  On that Day human will say: "Where is the escape?"
75:11  By no means! No refuge (to flee to)
75:12  To your Lord the journey’s end will be on that Day
75:13  Human will be made understand on that Day all (the good and evil) that he has forwarded (to his afterlife while in the world), and all (the good and evil) that he has left behind
75:14  Indeed, human will be an eye-witness (providing evidence) against himself
75:15  Even though he puts forth his excuses
75:16  (O Prophet!) Move not your tongue to hasten it (for safekeeping in your heart)
75:17  Surely it is for Us to collect it (in your heart) and enable you to recite it (by heart)
75:18  So when We recite it, follow its recitation
75:19  Thereafter, it is for Us to explain it
75:20  Yes indeed! but you (people) love and prefer what is before you (the present, worldly life)
75:21  And abandon that which is to come later (the Hereafter)
75:22  Some faces on that Day will be radiant (with contentment)
75:23  Looking up toward their Lord
75:24  And some faces on that Day will be despondent
75:25  Knowing that a crushing calamity is about to be inflicted on them
75:26  No indeed! (No doubt remains for the meaning of life) when it (the last breath) comes up to the throat
75:27  And it is said, "Who is the wizard (who can save him)?"
75:28  While he (who is dying) is certain that it is the (moment of) parting
75:29  And (in the agony of death) one leg is intertwined with the other
75:30  To your Lord is, on that Day, the driving
75:31  He did not affirm the truth (of the Divine Message conveyed to him), nor did he do the Prayer
75:32  Rather, he denied and turned away
75:33  Thereafter he went back to his family in gleeful conceit
75:34  So: well have you deserved (this doom), well have you deserved (it)
75:35  Again, well have you deserved it and well deserved
75:36  Does human think that he is to be left to himself (to go about as he pleases)
75:37  Was he not once a mere drop of semen poured forth
75:38  Then he became a clot clinging (to the womb wall), and He created and fashioned (him) in due proportions
75:39  Then He made of him a pair, male and female
75:40  Is not He (Who does that, equally) able to bring the dead back to life