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75:1  I swear by the Day of Resurrectio
75:2  and by the self accusing soul (that you will certainly be resurrected)
75:3  Do men think that We shall never be able to assemble their bones
75:4  We certainly have the power to restore them even the very tips of their finger
75:5  In fact, people want to have eternal life in this world
75:6  He asks, "When will be the Day of Judgment?"
75:7  When the eye is bewildered
75:8  the moon eclipsed
75:9  and the sun and the moon are brought together
75:10  people will say, "Is there anywhere to run away?"
75:11  Certainly not! There will be no place of refuge
75:12  The only place of refuge will be with God
75:13  On that day, people will be informed of all that they had done and all that they were supposed to do
75:14  In fact, people are well-aware of their own sou
75:15  even though they make excuses
75:16  (Muhammad), do not move your tongue too quickly to recite the Quran
75:17  We shall be responsible for its collection and its recitation
75:18  When We recite it, follow its recitation (by Us)
75:19  We shall be responsible for its explanation
75:20  Human beings certainly do not want to pay much attention to the Quran. In fact, they love the worldly lif
75:21  and neglect the life to come
75:22  On the Day of Judgment some faces will be bright
75:23  and look forward to receiving mercy from their Lord
75:24  Others will be despondent
75:25  certain of facing a great calamity
75:26  Some people, certainly, do not believe in it, but when a person's soul reaches up to his throa
75:27  and the angels say, "Who will take away his soul
75:28  (the angels of mercy or the angels of wrath,)" then, he will realize that it is time to leave this world
75:29  When legs are twisted around each other
75:30  that will be the time to be driven to one's Lord
75:31  The human being does not want to believe the Truth, nor does he want to pray
75:32  He rejects the faith, turns awa
75:33  and haughtily goes to his people
75:34  Woe to you
75:35  Woe to you
75:36  For you, the human being of such behavior, will certainly deserve it
75:37  Does the human being think that he will be left uncontrolled
75:38  Was he not once just a drop of discharged sperm
75:39  Was he not turned into a clot of blood? God then formed him and gave him proper shape. From the human being, God made males and females in pairs
75:40  Does He then not have the power to bring the dead back to life