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al-Qiyamah (The Rising of the Dead, Resurrection)
as rendered by Muhammad Asad
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Muhammad Asad rendition of Surah The Rising of the Dead, Resurrection(al-Qiyamah)
75:1 NAY! I call to witness the Day of Resurrection!
75:2 But nay! I call to witness the accusing voice of man's own conscience!
75:3 Does man think that We cannot [resurrect him and] bring his bones together again?
75:4 Yea indeed, We are able to make whole his very finger-tips!
75:5 None the less man chooses to deny what lies ahead of him,
75:6 asking [derisively], "When is that Resurrection Day to be?"
75:7 But [on that Day,] when the eyesight is by fear confounded,
75:8 and the moon is darkened,
75:9 and the sun and the moon are brought together
75:10 on that Day will man exclaim "Whither to flee?"
75:11 But nay: no refuge [for thee, O man]!
75:12 With thy Sustainer, on that Day, the journey's end will be!
75:13 Man will be apprised, on that Day, of what he has done and what he has left undone:
75:14 nay, but man shall against himself be an eye-witness,
75:15 even though he may veil himself in excuses.
75:16 MOVE NOT thy tongue in haste, [repeating the words of the revelation:]
75:17 for, behold, it is for Us to gather it [in thy heart,] and to cause it to be read [as it ought to be read].
75:18 Thus, when We recite it, follow thou its wording [with all thy mind]:
75:19 and then, behold, it will be for Us to make its meaning clear.
75:20 NAY, but [most of] you love this fleeting life,
75:21 and give no thought to the life to come [and to Judgment Day]!
75:22 Some faces will on that Day be bright with happiness,
75:23 looking up to their Sustainer;
75:24 and some faces will on that Day be overcast with despair,
75:25 knowing that a crushing calamity is about to befall them.
75:26 NAY, but when [the last breath] comes up to the throat [of a dying man],
75:27 and people ask, "Is there any wizard [that could save him]?"
75:28 the while he [himself] knows that this is the parting,
75:29 and is enwrapped in the pangs of death
75:30 at that time towards thy Sustainer does he feel impelled to turn!
75:31 [Useless, though, will be his repentance: for [as long as he was alive] he did not accept the truth, nor did he pray [for enlightenment],
75:32 but, on the contrary, he gave the lie to the truth and turned away [from it],
75:33 and then went arrogantly back to what he had come from.
75:34 [And yet, O man, thine end comes hourly] nearer unto thee, and nearer –
75:35 and ever nearer unto thee, and nearer!
75:36 DOES MAN, then, think that he is to be left to himself to go about at will?
75:37 Was he not once a [mere] drop of sperm that had been spilt,
75:38 and thereafter became a germ-cell - whereupon He created and formed [it] in accordance with what [it] was meant to be,
75:39 and fashioned out of it the two sexes, the male and the female?
75:40 Is not He, then; able to bring the dead back to life?


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