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57:1  " Praise be to Allah and extolled are His glorious attributes", is an act of worship ascribed by all beings in the heavens, the spiritual, the animate and the inanimate on earth, and He is AL-Aziz (the Almighty) and AL-Hakim ( the Wise)
57:2  To Him belongs the absolute sovereignty of the heavens and the earth; He gives life and inspirits the property of animate existence and He occasions death and deprives of animate existence
57:3  He is the First and the Foremost, He is the Last and the Utmost, He is infinite, He is beyond and above all, yet exposed to the mental view and accessible to appeals, and He is beyond and below all to give support to all in all; His marvels are inherent in the whole and He is the Omnipresent Who holds prescience of all events, He is the ultimate goal and He is AL-Alim (the Omniscient) who knows all
57:4  He is it Who created the heavens and the earth in six days* determined by His own unit of time and proclaimed in His calendar, then set He Himself on the throne of supremacy and dominion and of grace and mercy. He has omniscience of all that makes. entry and penetrates into the earth, be it animate or inanimate, and of ail that arises from it and what erupts from within and the water streaming out of it. And He has omniscience of all that comes down from the realm of heaven and from the vault of its floor, and of all that ascends of deeds and of the souls of those who have done the deeds, and of the spiritual and the animate and all that is inanimate. He is Omnipresent; He is in presence with you wherever you are and He is Bassirun of all that you do,(whether by day or by night, exposed or hidden, indoors or out, on land or at sea and wherever you may be)
57:5  To Him belongs the absolute sovereignty of the heavens and the earth and to Him, the ultimate Authority, are committed and submitted all matters and all affairs for consideration, decision and execution here and Hereafter
57:6  He causes the night** to lose its character and identity by absorption into the day and He causes the day** to lose its character and identity by absorption into the night irrespective of the nature of the day, solar, civil, or sidereal, or the period of the year. And He is well acquainted with what the breasts forge that the tongues must vent, and with what the breasts hide in store for future conditions and events
57:7  Be strongly disposed to open your heart's ears and your mind's eyes to give credence and mental acceptance to reasoning which will lead you, in satisfaction, to urge your belief in Allah and His Messenger, and spend in benevolence of what He put you in possession of. Those of you who believed in Allah after they have reasoned at every step they trod and spend in benevolence shall merit a great reward
57:8  And why would you not open your hearts' ears and your minds' eyes and reason to urge your belief in Allah while the Messenger furnishes you with the instruments of thought conductive to meditation to contemplate the belief in your Creator and your vows were pledged to Him as men of Faith
57:9  It is He who reveals to His servant -the Messenger- revelations clear and plain to guide you - people - out of darkness and superstitions of later times, and out of want of spiritual and intellectual sight into illumination and enlightenment, so that the spirit of truth guides you into all truth, and Allah to you is indeed Raufun (kind) and Rahimun (Merciful)
57:10  And why should you not spend in the cause of Allah and you recoil back as though you fear you may be reduced to penury when you know that Allah is He who has the Absolute rightful claim to the heavens and the earth and the only heir to the heavens and the earth. Those of you who spent and strove in the cause of Allah before the conquest of Macca where the faithful were few and conditions unfavourable, are not like those who spent thereafter when the gates of Faith opened and most people came in Those who spent before the conquest are a step higher in the scale of dignity, rank and reward than those who spent thereafter, But both has Allah promised good will and efficacious grace, and Allah is Khabirun (well acquainted with all that you do.
57:11  " Who would like to lend Allah: all he can of benevolence and of pious deeds toward his future security and Allah shall reimburse him many times the like and entitle him to a meritorious reward
57:12  One day, you shall see those whose hearts - reflected the image of religious and spiritual virtues among the men and the women disposed to merriment, their faces glowing with light emanating from Allah's countenance and proceeding ahead of them. It illuminates the way for them when they contemplate the most difficult and inevitable crossing; carrying their books bearing their records in their right hands. There and then they will be complimented upon their happy event of winning their way to paradise beneath which rivers flow, wherein they will have passed through nature to Eternity, and how befitting and how exulting is the triumph
57:13  This is the Day when the hypocrites, among the men and the women, will say to those whose hearts reflected the image of religious and spiritual virtues: "Would you look back in our direction, so that we avail ourselves of your light". But they will be told: "Go back to where we were granted light and pray for it" only to find themselves separated from those who are blessed and shut out behind a barrier emitting mercy to those within and torment to those without
57:14  Then they -the hypocrites- call out to those who are blessed and say to them: "Had we not been together Here and Hereafter and together we attended assemblies of prayers and pilgrimage and together we fought". Indeed we were together, say the virtuous "but you counseled deaf and you closed your hearts' ears and your minds' eyes and did not keep back from the forbidden. You were illuded with the false hopes that gratifying your appetite was something instinctively felt to be right and fair, and with Satanic deceit you had forgotten calling Allah to mind."
57:15  "And so now, and on this Day, no atonement can be accepted neither from you -hypocrites- nor from those who denied Allah to ransom your ill deeds even if it be as much gold as there is on earth". "Hell is the place where you make abode; and how evil is the destination!"
57:16  Is it not time that those who have conformed to Islam open their hearts' ears so that their breasts be filled with reverential awe as they listen to the Quran and accord with what it says and with the truth it declares. They should not be like those who have been given the Book before them who have transmuted the Book to their purpose throughout the years and became hard hearted? Indeed many among them are wicke
57:17  You must know that Allah revivifies* the earth after it has suffered death; We have expounded for you -people- Our revelations and meritoriously elucidated them that you may hopefully apprehend the voice from heaven and express as much joy as your hearts may comprehend
57:18  The benevolent, among the men and the women, who have lent Allah all they could of benevolence and pious deeds toward future security will be reimbursed with many times the like and will be entitled to a meritorious reward
57:19  And those whose breasts have been filled with reverential. awe and their hearts with the image of religious and spiritual virtues and their deeds with wisdom and piety on the ground of their sincere belief in Allah and His Messenger and the promotion Of their purpose, are they who are titled with the dignified rank of the "pure", the "veracious". Then come the pious who carried the banners of truth at odds and have acquired the glorious privilege of "Martyrs" through resisting to blood with their spiritual armour. Both of them are they who have been destined to enjoy such designations in the heavens realm There await them a meritorious reward and light emanating from Allah's countenance to glow in their faces and proceed ahead of them But those who denied Allah and refused to recognize His revelations are those who shall make their abode in hell
57:20  You -people- had better know that life here is hut an illusive and rapid change of feeling, fancy and thought and an amusement and a display of splendour, boastfulness and vainglory and treasuring of wealth and multiplication in progeny; all but regressing naturally to nothingness, like man who goes from childhood to youthfulness to maturity, then to wrinkles characteristic of age, then to weakness and infirmity, then he goes through the gates of death. A succession of events similar to a land that has been tilled and cultivated by those who care only for the material harvest and counsel deaf to spiritual harvest. Then it rained, and the crops grew delightfully well and to their hearts desire. Then suddenly the crops lost their bloom and natural colour, turned yellow then dried up, shriveled and decayed. Likewise, in the Hereafter there is a condign punishment, but also forgiveness and fulfillment of desire; and life here is but an animate existence affording pleasure deceiving those with foolish credulous ambition and vain employment of time
57:21  Vie with one another and compete to win Allah's forgiveness and your way to the beatitude of heaven in a paradise as wide as the heaven and the earth; prepared for those who sincerely believed in Allah and His Messenger. This is the sufficient and efficacious grace of Allah; He confers it on whom He will, and Allah is the Source of all grace
57:22  No misfortune or calamity takes place on earth or weds you personally but has been predestined and committed to writing in a Book long before We make it come to pass, an act that presents itself to Allah, and how easy it is to bring it to effect
57:23  So that you people apprehend that what has befallen you would never have missed you, nor what failed to hit you was meant to aim at you; and so do not nurse despair nor grieve at heart for what you failed to attain, nor boast your wit and exult over the favours you were made to wear, for Allah detests every boastful who exalts himself unduly and displays inordinate self-esteens
57:24  Those who are miserly, unwilling to give in benevolence or spend in divine service, and induce others to be mean and parsimonious, have in effect permitted the forbidden and commended it to others. And he who counsels deaf to the ordinances of Allah must realize that Allah is AL-Ghaniy (independent, Absolute) and AL-Hamid (Worthy of all praise)
57:25  We have previously and thus early sent Our Messengers with expounded revelations and elucidated signs and accorded them Books and authority to administer wisdom and induce the war of justice against injustice, so that people learn the conformity to the truth and the justness of perception to deal with facts and deny falsehood. And We provided the earth with iron to attain a purpose, as will as power and strength in war against tyranny and falsehood' and to be of service in effecting one's object to do what is needed in life. Allah shall know who among the men do intend to direct their minds and their thoughts to striving in His cause and to the support of His Messenger to attain Allah's purpose; Allah is indeed Qawiyun (Omnipotent) and Azizun
57:26  We did send Nuh and Ibrahim and We kept the Divine prerogative of prophethood and the Book in their line, Among their descendants were those who opened their hearts' ears and their minds' eyes, but also those who counselled deaf and were disposed to wickedness, and they were many
57:27  Then in sequence We sent after them others of Our Messengers from the same lineal descent and in order of succession We sent Isa (Jesus), the son of Maryam (Mary), and We gave him the Injil (the Bible) and We impressed the hearts of those who followed him and believed in him with kindness and mercy and monasticism, a system of their contrivance they had introduced, We never imposed on them. They were expected to please Allah with the profound reverence dutiful to Him and with deeds reflecting wisdom and piety and striving in His cause to attain His purpose. Yet when We made Monasticism come to pass, they never regarded the principle with close attention nor did they foster it as they should. And so We gave those of them, whose hearts Reflected the image of religious and spiritual virtues and their deeds wisdom and piety the reward they merited; many among them were indeed wicked
57:28  O you whose hearts have been touched with the Divine hand, regard Allah with breasts filled with reverential awe, and have regard for His Messenger and heed his influence and authority on your conduct and your actions, Allah extends to you an act of His mercy and puts two in place of one; He imparts to you spiritual light guiding you to the path of righteousness and leading you out of darkness and want of intellectual sight into enlightenment and Allah is Ghafurun and Rahimun
57:29  So that Ahl AL-Kitab (people of the Book) would realize that they cannot force Allah's hands to confer on them His grace or a free and unmerited favour and that grace, be it sufficient or efficacious, rests with Allah; He confers it on whom He will, and Allah is the source of abounding munificence and all grace