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58:1  Allah has heard the allegation of the woman who has reported her husband to you as having wronged her, and urges a prayer appealing to Allah for mercy. Allah hears the series of statements by both of you intended to establish an edict. Allah is Sami'un and Bassirun (hears and sees all in all)
58:2  Those of you who use the diction "mother's back" as a symbol of the Forbidden in their formula for dissolving their marriages must know that their wives are not their mothers; their mothers are those who gave birth to them; they express what is indeed profane and utter falsehood, but Allah is 'Afuwun (Clement) and Ghafurun (Forgiving) of all in all
58:3  And those of you who have used this diction of " mother's back " in dissolving their marriages and now wish to take back their statements and resume their marriage ties, incur the liability. of freeing a slave before touching' their wives. This is a reproach against you to warn you of such an act, and Allah is well acquainted with your conditions and with all that you d
58:4  And he, who does not have the means to do so, will have to fast by way a penitence for two successive months (dawn to sunset) before touching his wife, and if he is unable to fast, he may feed sixty indigent persons with desire and intention of amendment and repentance; this is to make you believe in Allah and His Messenger with hearts impressed with the image of religious and spiritual virtues. These are the limitations imposed by Allah; and those who deny Him shall be destined to suffer a condign punishment
58:5  Those who challenge Allah and His Messenger are' cursed; they are beset by sin and covered with ignominy as were the like before them. We have revealed expounded revelations and lucid signs serving as evidence and ground for belief; and there awaits those who denied Allah a condign punishment
58:6  One day shall He resurrect them all, and inform them of all that they had done bringing the charge against them and imputing their evil. Allah has computed it all and they have forgotten it all. Their evil deeds will be the witnesses of their worth and their faces will bear witness to their behavior but Allah is Shahidun (witness of all things in all respects
58:7  Do you not see that Allah is fully cognizant of all in all that are in the heaven and of all things in all respects that are on earth There is not an instance where three convey their thoughts reciprocally in talk, be it under their breath or openly disclosed but He makes their fourth, nor among five but He makes their sixth, nor numerically less or numerically more but He is in their presence; Allah is Alimun (Omniscient)
58:8  Do you see O Muhammad how those who were forbidden secret counsels turn their minds back to what they have been forbidden to do? They convey their thoughts reciprocally in talk uttered below their breath, reticent about their intentions of secretly promoting the evil forged in their bosoms that their tongues must vent. They encourage aggression upon others and disobedience to the Messenger. When they come to you they greet you with expressions of ill-will unlike that with which Allah greets you, and they suggest secretly to their minds: "if he is truly a Messenger of Allah would Allah not punish us on his behalf?" Hell awaits them to be put to the torture, and how evil is the destination
58:9  O you whose hearts have been touched with the Divine hand: if you secretly counsel with each other and you are reticent about your intentions, do not entertain the thoughts of evil and aggression nor of disobedience to the Messenger, but let your principles and your practice together accord. Your purpose should be the promotion of piety and habitual reverence and obedience to Allah and faithfulness to the duties naturally owed to Him, and entertain the profound reverence dutiful to Allah since to Him you shall be thronged
58:10  Secret suggestions to the mind and conveyance of thoughts reciprocally in talk under your breath may be inspired by AL-Shaytan (Satan) to hurt those believers whose hearts have been impressed with the image of piety. But never can he hurt them without Allah's leave, and in Allah should the pious, who are careful of the duties owed to Him, place reliance and in him they should trus
58:11  O you whose hearts reflect the image of religious and spiritual virtues: when you are in an assembly and you are requested to move a little to make room for a new comer, do move and spread out; Allah widens your scope and the good may become best. And when you are asked to rise, do rise; Allah will raise those whose hearts have been impressed with the image of piety, as well as those men of learning and profitable knowledge, to higher ranks and exalt them in dignity and power. Allah is well acquainted with all that you do
58:12  O you whose hearts have been touched with the Divine hand: when you wish to take counsel with the Messenger, let the occasion be preceded by an act of charity; this is commendable in you and fits you so purified to receive Allah's blessings but if you do not have the means; Allah is Ghafurun and Rahimun
58:13  How is it that back you recoiled, afraid of the acts of charity incumbent: on you before you took counsel with the Messenger! So you stopped taking private counsel, and Allah relented and quit you all His debt. But then, you must observe your prayers and give the alms and obey Allah and His Messenger; Allah is well acquainted with all that you do
58:14  Do you see how these hypocrites made a friendly intimacy with a people who incurred the righteous indignation of Allah. They neither really belong to you nor to them and they take an oath profanely and they know they are lying
58:15  Allah has prepared for them a condign punishment, evil indeed is what their minds habituated them to do
58:16  They used their oaths to hide, under the garb of truth, their extreme vanity and evil deeds, and many among the believers were deceived, and so their policy achieved its necessary ends. Consequently they have blocked the path of Allah, the path of righteousness and persistently opposed the progress in purpose and in action. There awaits them a humiliating and condign punishment
58:17  Neither their wealth nor their progeny will profit them, or afford them help or be beneficially effective against what Allah has for them in store; these are the inmates of Hell, wherein they will have passed through nature to eternal suffering
58:18  One day shall He resurrect them all, then they will appeal to Him swearing, just as they swore to you with an appeal to Allah in confirmation of what they said and they think there is something in it, while indeed they are liars
58:19  AL-Shaytan got the better of them and made them fail to recall Allah to mind. These are members of the Satanic party united in maintaining an evil cause and defiant impiety. Indeed the partisans of AL-Shaytan shall incur privation and shall suffer loss
58:20  Those who challenge Allah and His Messenger and oppose the word of Allah and maintain their position as antagonists and adversaries, shall be incensed by multiplied wrongs and humiliations
58:21  An ordinance set by Allah and a dictum He pronounced authoritatively: " I- Allah-along with My Messengers shall be emblematic of the final victory of all truth". Great is truth and it shall prevail; Allah is Qawiyun (Omnipotent) and Azizun
58:22  You shall not find a people, true and solemn believers, with hearts impressed with the image of religious and spiritual virtues and deeds with wisdom and piety and minds conscious of the Last Day, who would have intimate friendship with those who challenge Allah and His Messenger, albeit they be their fathers or sons, their brothers or relatives. These are people whose hearts has Allah inscribed with the justification of Faith as a conviction operative on their character and will; He has given them moral support, courage and just confidence. He shall welcome them to His heaven's realm and admit them into gardens of surpassing beauty beneath which rivers flow, and in the beatitude of heaven they shall experience that vast forever. Allah has been pleased with them and they with Him. These are members of the Divine party; and who would heaven prosper better than the partisans of this party who are zealous supporters of the cause of Allah which is the heart of His purpose