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59:1  " Praise be to Allah and extolled are His glorious attributes ", is an act of worship ascribed by all beings that are in the heavens, and all beings, spiritual, animate and inanimate that are on earth, and He is AL-Aziz (the Almighty) and AL-Hakim (the Wise)
59:2  It is He Who drove those who denied Him among Ahl AL-Kitab (the People of the Book) out of their homes at the beginning of the thronging for the battle. You yourselves, O Muslims, did not think they would go out of their fortresses nor did they themselves think that their fortresses were penetrable to any hostile action, not to mention that contemptible notion of being proof against Allah. But Allah reduced them to impotence in His own manner which they never expected and He inspired terror in their hearts so that as they had tried to ruin the whole tower of Faith, they perfected their own ruin. They demolished their own homes and reduced their own property into a useless from by their own hands and the hands of the believers. So take heed you people of sight and can lift to Allah their inward sight
59:3  Had it not been that Allah had ordained their expulsion and the expurgation and cleansing of Madina of them, He would have afflicted them with a condign punishment; and there is yet their torment in the Fire Hereafter
59:4  This train of events succeeding one another were occasioned on account of their disobedience to Allah and His Messenger; and he who disobeys Allah shall realize that He punishes severely
59:5  No tree, palm tree or any tree, you Muslims uproot or you leave standing on its root, but is in accordance with Allah's leave so that He brings disgrace upon those who are wicked
59:6  And what Allah has bestowed on His Messenger of the resources gained from the enemy, you Muslims did not win through war by your mounted troops or by swordsmen, hut Allah incites His Messenger against whom He will, and Allah is Qadirun (Omnipotent) over all things
59:7  Therefore, all that Allah has bestowed on His Messenger of the resources gained from the villages' inhabitants under such circumstances belongs to Allah and to the Messenger, to the kindred and the orphans, and to the indigent and the wayfarer who, due to lack of means, travels on foot. This is to prevent such gains from passing into the hands of the wealthy among you. And whatever the Messenger commands you to do, you must do, and whatever he forbids you to do, you do not do,and entertain the profound reverence dutiful to Allah; He punishes severely
59:8  The indigent who merit such gains are those emigrants who were expelled and ousted of their homes and lost their wealth in the cause of Allah in quest of His efficacious grace and His good will. They afforded His Messenger all the help they could give and strove to satisfy Allah's purpose with no provisions other than reverential awe under the umbrella of His grace
59:9  Next are those who emigrated and settled earlier, justifying Faith as a conviction operative on their character and will, who love to see and welcome their successors and afford them refuge with clean breasts not begrudging their aid, abnegating themselves of what they themselves may need in favour of the others. And he who opposes the incitement arising from the state of mind and feeling and guards himself against an unjust act, impiety, iniquity, greed, niggardliness, immorality and such vices, shall heaven prosper him and such persons
59:10  Next come those who succeeded last with pure hearts and minds, who suggest to their minds and declare in words: " Our Creator, forgive us our iniquities and the iniquities of those who took precedence of us in conforming to the faith and do not implant in our hearts ill-will toward those whose heart's ears were open to faith; our Creator You are Raufun (exercising pity), and Rahimun (Merciful
59:11  Did you not ponder -O Muhammad- how the hypocrites promised aid to their fellows-in-disbelief among Ahl AL-Kitab and how they disappointed their expectations? They said to them: "If you are expelled and ousted of your homes we will go with you, find never will we be influenced by anyone to fight against you and if you are attacked we will come to your aid". And Allah knows they are liars
59:12  Should they -the Jewish tribe- be driven out, never shall they go with them, and if they should be attacked, never shall they come to their aid, and if they come to their aid they shall be the first to flee and never shall they be helped
59:13  Their hearts are impressed with the image of fear; they fear you Muslims far more than they fear. Allah, and this is on account of their dullness of comprehension
59:14  They will not fight you in all, except in fortified villages strengthened against attack, or from behind walls in a position of defense when they are besieged. They are badly disposed to enmity at each other. You think they are unity personified while in effect their hearts are totally diversified. This is on account of their lack of sound judgement in the choice of means and ends
59:15  They are like those Pagans of Quraish, who tasted the fatal consequences of the evil way they conducted themselves in life not long ago at the battle of Badr, and there is yet an unsparing penalty and condign punishment
59:16  In a like manner did AL-Shaytan (Satan) incite man to deny Allah, and when man did deny Allah and was confronted with the fatal consequences, there came AL-Shaytan in apparition and said to him: "I am innocent of your ills and I fear Allah, Creator of the worlds"
59:17  In the end they were both condemned in as much as they were worth, and in Hell they will have passed through nature to eternal suffering, for this is the retribution appropriate to those who do wrong
59:18  O you whose hearts reflect the Image of religious and spiritual virtues: entertain the profound reverence dutiful to Allah; every soul should call to memory and ponder what it has advanced of pious deeds toward future security, and regard Allah with breasts filled with reverential awe. Allah is well acquainted with all that you d
59:19  And do not be like those who fail to recall Allah to mind; consequently Allah makes them forget to do what is good for themselves and neglect to purchase themselves a good opinion. Such persons are the wicked
59:20  Never will the inmates of Hell compare to those in the beatitude of heaven. Those beheld in bliss are the blessed who have won the victory
59:21  Had We revealed this Quran to a mountain and it could perceive the picture of what it represents and the complete glory in which it reveals itself, you would see it shaking with such fits of awe and shivering into atoms for the profound reverence dutiful to Allah. Such parables do We discourse to people that they may hopefully ponder, and that they may hopefully think and reflect before they act
59:22  He is Allah, the only llah there is, Alimun (the Omniscient) of the invisible, the hidden and the unseen, and of what the bosoms store of thoughts and feelings and of what the bosoms forge. He has cognizance and holds prescience of what you converse secretly and utter below your breath and of what is suggested secretly to the mind. He is well acquainted with the visible and the seen and with what is avowed openly and openly disclosed, and with what is uttered loudly and with all that is being said, AL-Rahman, and AL-Rahim (the Merciful)
59:23  He is Allah the only llah there is, AL-Malik (the Sovereign), AL-Qudus (Perfection personified), AL-Salam (the Emblem of peace), AL Mu-min (the Source and Trustee of Faith), AL-Muhaymin (the Paramount Ruler of the Universe), AL- Aziz (the Almighty), AL-Gabbar (the Omnipotent), and AL-Motakbber (the Highest Authority). Supreme as He is, He is far above those they incorporate with Him
59:24  He is Allah, the Creator, the Originator Who fashions the fertilized ovule- plant and animal-in the place or point of origin and growth, Who instantaneously designs, makes, forms, shapes, produces and brings into being, Who fashions the countenance and visible form characteristic of every being and constructs the frame of the animate and inanimate, the material and the immaterial. To Him belong all the Unique Attributes. All beings in the heaven and on earth praise His glory and extoll His glorious attributes; He is AL-Aziz and AL-Hakim